The 10 Best Motivational Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Are you looking to get into the right state of mind with an uplifting movie? We’ve got you covered. Netflix offers inspirational films to keep you grounded when you need to relax. Here are some of the best motivational movies to watch right now:

Begin Again (2013)

If you have recently gone through a painful breakup, watch Begin Again. Gretta, a heartbroken lady, forms an unlikely friendship with a record label executive. The movie will inspire you if you want to find your bearing again. Together, they venture into exploring new experiences together, transforming each other. In the process, they also discover their lost selves. Begin Again, with its graceful performance and beautiful music takes you to great realizations. On the other hand, the movie strikes a chord with its audience. It takes you to great emotional depths. Just as the name suggests, the film will have you ponder on life and love. It gives you the courage to begin again.

The Impossible (2012)

Based on a real-life story, The Impossible tells a story about a family surviving a tsunami. The tragedy happens while the family is on holiday in Thailand. Ewan Mcgregor and Naomi Watts star as the parents while Tom Holland stars as one of their children. The emotional rollercoaster by the talented cast is a showstopper. Just as the tsunami itself. Through simple kindness and courage, the family overcame an unthinkable tragedy. What’s more? The Impossible focuses on how people’s goodness can help in the aftermath of the tragedy.

The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

In The Pursuit of Happiness, Will, together with his son Jaden Smith star in the movie. It shows the struggles of motivational speaker and businessman Chris Gardener (Will Smith). The inspirational movie shows Chris Gardener’s journey from being hopeless and homeless. It walks us through his journey to achieving success. The movie is one of the most popular in Will Smith’s acting career. It inspires and convinces its audience about perseverance in the face of hardship.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019)

The movie is a genuinely inspirational story based on William Kamkwamba’s memoir. He aims to save his village people in Ghana from hunger and famine. In the film, we see Chiwetel Ejiofor build a windmill. At barely 14 years, when he witnesses the drought, he finds innovative ways to save his village. Against all the odds, the boy goes on to do something remarkable not only for himself but for his people. The movie, in the 92nd academy awards, got a nomination for Best International Feature.

Dangal (2016)

In the face of societal oppression, a former wrestler Mahavir Singh works at training his two wrestler daughters. He aims to get them to compete in the Commonwealth Games. Ultimately, we see Babita Kumari and Geeta Phogat win silver and gold medals. Dangal reaffirms the importance of striving for your impossible dreams. With dedication and sheer willpower, everything is possible.

Same Kind of Different as Me (2017)

A wealthy couple, businessman Ron Hall (Greg Kinnear) and his wife Deborah Hall (Renee Zellweger), find a new sense of purpose. While volunteering in a local mission in Texas, their lives take a new turn and change forever. They develop an unusual friendship with a homeless man, Denver Moore (Djimon Hounsou). He inspires them to save their marriage that is falling apart. The family-friendly, feel-good movie teaches us to be mindful of others.

The Intouchables (2011)

In The Intouchables, a wealthy man affected by paralysis on his four limbs creates a strong bond with his caregiver. In the movie, the caregiver helps his boss find happiness given his circumstances. With the brilliant performance by Omar Sy and Francois Cluzet, the movie captures the audience’s emotions. It depicts a story of making good of every situation. In the lead roles, actors Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston re-enacted the movie (The Upside) in English.

The Theory of Everything (2011)

A Cambridge University student in the 1960s and a future physicist is in love with a fellow college mate. Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne), at 21 years, discovers he has motor neuron disease. With Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones) by his side, he begins to study time. According to his doctor, with very little time left to live, he defies all odds together with Jane. They break new grounds in science and medicine, achieving what many would only imagine. Eddie seemed like the perfect fit for the role. On the contrary, he got rejected a few times before he finally managed to get the role. He later won an Oscar for his role in the movie.

Yes Man (2008)

Stuck in a life full of negativity, Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) attends a self-help seminar. He learns the importance and power of yes. He then chooses to say yes to all proposals made to him. He intends to get more out of his life. With his life leaning on the affirmative, it leads to transformative and unforgettable experiences. He finds love and even gets a promotion on his job. With the adventure and positivity the movie projects, it overflows with good energy.

Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage Story is a movie that shows the story of the struggles in marriage. Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) and her husband Charlie (Adam Driver) are getting a divorce.  The stage director and his actress wife struggle through a divorce, pushing them to their limits. In the emotional showcase, we see them agree to an amicable divorce. But as the couple weather through the divorce storm, they cannot stick to the plan to play nice. The movie shows the evolution of relationships through a divorce and the various dimensions of a collapsing relationship. In the Marriage Story, we see the emotional turmoil a divorce will cause to a couple. It also reveals how partners have different perceptions of the same relationship. For her role in the movie, Laura Dern won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress.

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