African American Based Shows You’ll Want To Check Out This Year

Gone are the days where reruns of shows like Family Matters, The Cosbys, and Moesha were the closest thing to “Black television” we had in the last ten to twenty years. The truth is Hollywood is nothing while black television depicts stories by African American communities and provides black representation allowing viewers to relate to on-screen characters. From gut-busting comedies to sexy dramas and melodramatic family tales there’s no shortage of good black TV. In case you were searching for a good show featuring black actors here are the 7 shows we’re watching this year.

1. P- Valley

P Valley is a sexy drama that takes place in a strip club deep down in Delta, Mississippi. The series follows the life of the dancers at the Pynk a hole in a wall strip club owned by Uncle Clifford who’s adamant about taking care of his girls. For most of the ladies at the Pynk, stripping was their only option but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have bigger aspirations. The money may come quickly but dancing certainly isn’t an easy job.  Mercedes, the club’s lead dancer has decided that it’s time for her to retire and pursue a dream of opening a dance school, a new mysterious girl from out of town pops up to work at the club and the chaos ensues.

2. Our Kind Of People

Our Kind Of People is one of the top drama series on the FOX network that explores the life of the black elites in Oak Bluffs  historically known as the “Black Martha’s Vineyard.” Ya Ya Dacosta stars as Angela Vaughn a single mother that risks it all by relocating her to Oak Bluffs in hopes of taking her hair care line to the next level and giving her teen daughter a better life. Still grieving the death of her mother, Angela believes that the key to her mom’s dark past is in Oak Bluffs where her mother worked as a maid for years. Navigating Martha’s Vineyard isn’t for the weak at heart, it’s a world where money, power, and status reign.

3. Queens

What happens when a female rap group from the nineties reunites for their last chance at fame? A whole lot of unresolved wounds from the past. The Nasty B***** wasn’t your average girl group, they were bold, raunchy and they could lyrically hold their own with some of the greats in the game. After a heated argument, the girl group split and they went on to lead very different lives than their on-stage pseudonym.  This musical drama stars icons like Brandy, Eve, Naturi Naughton, and Nadine Velazquez.

4.  BMF

Most of us have heard about the notorious Black Mafia Family a criminal organization that reached the heights of fame in the early 2000s. No one knows the real story behind the money, fame, and status. BMF is a crime drama that explores the lives of two brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” and  Terry “Southwest T” Flenory who founded the Black Mafia Family in 1989. The two brothers are from the gritty streets of Detroit. After living in poverty for most of their lives, all the Flenory Brothers wanted was to create a better life for themselves and their families.  BMF isn’t just a show about crime it’s a story about love, family, and the pursuit of the American dream. Executive produced by 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) you can expect to see popular recurring characters like Kash Doll, Eminem, Snoop Dog, and La La Anthony.

5. Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country is based on a horror novel written by Marvin Ruff. The series is a perfect blend of horror, drama, and romance. Executive produced by Jordan Peele, the ten-episode show is based in the 1950s during the Jim Crow era. Letitia joins her friend Atticus Black and his uncle as they embark on a road trip across the country to track down Atticus’s missing father. Throughout their journey, the trio discovers a town’s dark secrets and now they must fight to survive while overcoming racial discrimination. Like always, Jordan Peel did a great job at highlighting black trauma in a magical narrative.

6. Watchmen

Watchmen is based on a 1960s graphic written by Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore. Tulsa Oklahoma is a small town riddled with racism. A white supremacy group launches a disastrous attack on the local police department leaving only two surviving police officers. As a result, a law is passed that allows officers of the law to wear masks to conceal their identity. Angela Bar is one of the lucky cops that happened to survive the attack. The traumatic event inspires her to adopt the identity “Sister Night”.  Sister Night wages a war on racism and fights against the oppressors’ vigilante style.

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