Five Sidekick Characters From 90s Shows That Annoyed us the Most

The 90s became famous for a lot of things when one really thinks about it, and the decade was a staging ground for a lot of things that we take for granted today as well. But one thing that the 90s have that hasn’t really been improved upon were sidekicks that made us grind our teeth simply because they were that annoying. Today’s annoying sidekicks are the type that people try to understand by analyzing their backstory in a variety of ways. But the sitcom sidekicks of the 90s were the human equivalent of nails on a chalkboard annoying since they served a purpose in their given shows more often than not, but they were still so insanely annoying that we couldn’t help but grimace when they came on the screen. Some of them were even intended to be kind of endearing since they were the best friends of the main characters or were counted among the good guys. Hey, even good guys can be annoying as hell.

Here are a few of the more annoying sitcom sidekicks from the 90s.

5. Kimmy Gibbler – Full House

Even Kimmy’s best friend had to grin and bear her way through the Gibbler’s inane ramblings at times, and to be honest, the Tanner family might have seen her as a decent friend, but overall she was an annoyance that simply popped in whenever she wanted. This was pretty normal in sitcoms though, since it tended to get laughs, hoots, hollers, and was something that the audience came to expect. But someone like Kimmy was usually a subject of ridicule since she was just an odd character all around that didn’t really mesh with everyone but somehow stuck around for Fuller House as well.

4. Wesley Crusher – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Contrary to what people might think, Wesley wasn’t universally hated, but he was still reviled by quite a few individuals, Trekkies included, that didn’t take kindly to this know-it-all kid that somehow made his way onto the Enterprise and became a kind of whiz kid that managed to help out at times but was usually just in the way. If there were one character that many people could have excised from the show early on, it would have been Wesley for a lot of folks since the almost overwhelming hatred for this character that rose over time and didn’t really dissipate was amazing to see.

3. Angela Pickles – Rugrats

In a few ways one could say that Angela was more like a villain than a sidekick, but she wasn’t the main character to be certain, no matter what any theory might want to say. The fact that she was an annoyance is hard to downplay since her superiority complex was plain and upfront for everyone to see as she attempted to boss the other kids around continually. If not for this she might have actually been an enjoyable character, but the fact is that she was made to be a straight-up brat and her character was written well enough that we didn’t have to really imagine her as the annoying character she was.

2. Screech – Saved by the Bell

I know, I know, the guy was one of the most loved characters on the show by some, but he was a definite annoyance to many others. When someone is so inherently annoying that they actually make the biggest jerk in the sitcom look appealing to a lot of people, who already AGREE that he’s a waste of space, that’s when it’s obvious that the guy is annoying without redemption. Screech was actually a better character than most sidekicks since he took a lot of abuse from Zack and Slater, and was one of the more timid yet accepting sidekicks of his time. But some of the abuse he suffered he definitely brought on himself by being such a pest at times.

1. Marcy Rhoades/Darcy – Married…With Children

If Al was the worst example of a man, y’know, because he was sexist, a bit homophobic, and was what many would call a toxic male at his finest, then Marcy was by far the worst example of a feminist ever created, and that’s saying something. She was a man-hating feminist that would gladly hop in the sack with anyone she was attracted to, meaning she would drop her morals and ethics in a heartbeat for sex, and she was as much of an antagonist as she was a sidekick. Her clashes with Al were epic throughout the history of the show, but that’s about all that kept her from being fodder since apart from her interactions with Al she didn’t feel as though she would have lasted that long. Today she might have been canceled by now.

The sidekicks in the 90s were a special breed to be certain since they could be funny, endearing, and annoying all at once.

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