Five Shows That are Still Awesome: We Just Don’t Watch Them Anymore

There are a lot of shows out there to watch. Does anyone recall when we had a limited amount of entertainment and it cost an arm and a leg to get something precious called HBO? Back in those days streaming would have been something done out by an actual stream and watching movies meant heading off to the rental store and hoping like hell that you could get there before all the good movies were gone. But when it came to TV shows there were a couple of options, watch what everyone else wanted to watch, or find something else to do. A lot of us still remember the days when watching a show was a special time of day since it meant all the family got together in the living room and one kid might have been designated to be the channel changer (yes, that kind of thing happened). These days there are more shows out there than anyone knows what to do with, and while a lot of them are still popular, there are those that have somehow maintained their popularity thanks to the internet, but they don’t get watched quite as much. It’s likely that people still enjoy them, but they might have time for such shows any longer and might wait until a day off or when there’s nothing going on to sit and binge-watch these shows for a bit.

In any case, here are several popular shows that people just don’t watch as much any longer.

5. The 100

This story is pretty brutal really since it started out with the idea that humans had fled the earth after a nuclear holocaust and had been living on a space station for a while. The only problem was that as the population grew, the station couldn’t sustain everyone. What’s really messed up is that in order to determine if the earth was safe to inhabit or not, the station sent their teenagers to determine if the living conditions were suitable. Yes, they shot a group of 100 teenagers into space, to land on the earth, just to determine if the earth was livable once again. The story that came from that was epic up to a point, and then it kind of fell flat.

4. Disenchantment

The look and feel of this show is that of The Simpsons meets Dungeons & Dragons, and it definitely felt like something that could be exciting for a lot of fans. But the whole idea of it, while still fun and engaging, is something that’s kind of waned over the last year or so and as a result, it’s kind of hard to say that this story really carries a lot of interest for anyone. Plenty of people can get into it and will stick by the tale for as long as they can. That’s kind of admirable since people tend to find something they enjoy and want to keep with it. But apart from that, it’s likely that any popularity this show enjoyed will be hard to earn back.

3. South Park

This one is a bit of a surprise since for so many years South Park has been a mainstay in American culture, no matter how much some folks would like it to just go away. But over the past several years it’s also been feeling as though it hasn’t really had the same verve that made it so popular back in the day. It’s almost as though the show that once upon a time was the foul-mouthed and controversial voice of the masses has become an institution unto itself and is therefore not quite as edgy as it used to be, or as effective. A lot of fans will stand by the show and defend it to the end, but it’s not what it once was.

2. Archer

The super-spy spoofs are still pretty funny, but it does feel as though this show and several other attempts to make the spy game amusing have had their time and are no longer quite as entertaining even if there are still folks that will watch them. The whole idea behind writing a spy show that was out of control and more than a little crazy was to get attention, and Archer definitely did that. But after everything that’s been shown it’s fair to say that people have become a little bored due to the fact that the show isn’t going above and beyond as it used to, which is what people want to see quite often.

1. Lucifer

Showcasing the devil as a sympathetic character has been done before but somehow it always feels as though there are going to be people that have something to say about it. Lucifer has been a big hit and people did fight to keep the show from being canceled, but it’s still going to end and be relegated to reruns like so many others. The interest in the show kind of waned just as it did with a lot of TV shows. People tend to get tired of the same, predictable storylines.

Sometimes fans are too demanding, and sometimes the shows just don’t impress the way they need to.

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