Five Television Shows From the 90s that Should Never Get a Reboot

There are shows we’d love to see come back and shows that we’re not really sorry to see go in every decade, and the 90s produced a lot of both to be brutally honest since some were great and some were pure cringe for a lot of people even if others didn’t agree. There are some shows on this list that should never be rebooted simply because they weren’t that great, to begin with, and somehow managed to run for a while thanks to those that found them charming and funny, or just turned them on and left them as background noise when they were cleaning the house or doing other things. Then there are those that shouldn’t be rebooted solely because they were good enough when they were run the first time and don’t need a reboot screwing things up and taking the ‘spirit’ of the show while they do their own thing. In other words, leave the 90s shows alone and do something interesting and innovative for once that doesn’t pull directly from another show.

Here are a few 90s TV shows that shouldn’t be rebooted.

5. Boy Meets World

No, just no. Add another no, then multiply that by a dozen more negative responses and compound the lack of interest into something that will prevent this from ever seeing the light of day again. There were plenty of people that did enjoy this show, but the mindless drivel of it was enough to set a person’s teeth on edge if they really decided to pay attention to it. There were good characters in the show, no doubt about that, but the overall experience, yikes. It was attempted already as many people might know, and the success of it was easy to rate somewhere between absolutely none to a little more popular than the latest reality show. Maybe that’s being generous.

4. Mad About You

For one, who in the world is going to step in for Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt? Okay, there are a lot of actors that could make it happen, but at the same time, why? Some folks might think that this show needs to be brought back for some reason, but really, it appears to have served its purpose and while it was well-liked, it was more a product of its time than anything, much like many shows from the 90s. Taking shows from that era and trying to update them doesn’t always fail, but it’s a hit-and-miss kind of thing a lot of times, and this feels like it would be a big swing and a miss before the pitch was even given.

3. Perfect Strangers

There’s already been an attempt announced at rebooting this show, only it wasn’t really an attempt if that makes sense. Yeah, it didn’t make sense to a lot of people since it was established that the show was going to use the title but not the source material and not the same type of relationship either. Some people loved this show and for obvious reasons, but some didn’t care too much for it. The best thing to do right now would be to let it just sit and make a show that might have nothing to do with it but perhaps look like the show and take the spirit of it to heart. Did that make any sense? No? It’s okay, that’s how much sense the premise of the ‘reboot’ made.

2. Night Court

I kind of hope that people would refuse to watch the reboot, but the chances are better that curiosity would win out since if there are rumors about the show being rebooted, it had best take advantage of the fact that Marsha Warfield and Richard Moll are still around, or it’s bound to be a very pale imitation of the original show. As a lot of people can still recall, the original was something that sparked something in us that was a lot of fun and yet had a few dramatic moments here and there as well. Trying to reboot this without sticking to the concept would be a serious mistake.

1. Married…With Children

When it comes to the shows and movies that people keep saying couldn’t be made again, this is probably near the top. I’ll even admit a personal bias for this show since it was a cartoonish way to showcase a family that lived in constant misery and yet kept moving forward somehow. Too many people took umbrage with this show for no better reason than the fact that it offended their tender sensibilities, and that they apparently could bring themselves to change the channel. But if it were to be brought back it wouldn’t be the same since the cast would still be great, but it’s fair to say that a reboot would cast new actors and no, it wouldn’t be the same.

The reboots need to have a boundary of some sort.

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