10 Cartoon Show Villains You Can’t Help But to Love as an Adult

10 Cartoon Show Villains You Can’t Help But to Love as an Adult

It usually feels funny to root for a villain in any case since even when they appear to be in the right they’re still doing the right thing for a very wrong reason. But be that as it may, there are those villains that have become kind of endearing over time no matter that they might not have changed their stripes to speak and are just as evil as ever. Perhaps it’s inherent chaos that some of them bring that reminds those of us that watched them what it’s like to be a little out of control, which is essentially something that we pick up and have to tame as we grow older. Some people manage to do this without any issue, while others might take a while longer to really mature. But at some point, we might actually look at the villains we grew up with or are still growing up with and find a familiar point of affection that has nothing to do with agreeing over their methods, but everything to do with the familiarity they bring.

Here are a few of the TV cartoon villains that we can’t help but love as adults.

10. Mumm-Ra – Thundercats

So he’s a creepy old mummy in bandages that has a bad attitude and doesn’t like newcomers to his planet. Before you go too far with that think of this, Mumm-Ra was the big bad that the Thundercats had to deal with on a constant basis, but take a moment to think of what might have happened had he not been there. Maybe there was something worse that would have targeted the group.

9. Mr. Burns – The Simpsons

Mr. Burns gave us someone to laugh at since it’s easy to face the facts that he’s the representation of the rich, older generation that would rather give up a body part than be known as a decent human being or give up anything he didn’t absolutely have to from a financial standpoint. He showed a bit of promise here and there when it came to being a good person, but all too often it was seen that he would revert back to form and continue to make us laugh.

8. Shredder – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Barring that he was a psychotic individual that kept talking about turtle soup and all the things he would do to his adversaries, this guy was pure awesome until he hooked up with Krang and became more of a lackey. If anyone has ever seen the moment that he took on Batman they’ll be able to take note that he actually backed the dark knight up a few steps and wounded him as well. That deserves a bit of respect.

7. Brain – The Animaniacs

This mouse was pure hilarity when paired with his cage-mate Pinky since his every attempt to rule the world might have actually gone off without a hitch if not for his dim-witted accomplice. The problem is that he needed Pinky since he really needed someone to help him out, but the lack of intelligence that Pinky possessed became a hindrance more often than not, and a laugh riot to those of us that watched.

6. Vegeta – Dragon Ball

So it’s true that this guy turned over a new leaf at one point but he was a massive jerk when he was still a villain and it was hard to like him at all. But over time it’s become easier to think that out of all the characters, and there were plenty, that Vegeta was actually one of the tamest when it came to being super arrogant and egocentric. Had anyone said this earlier it’s likely that it would have started a debate. Heck, it might still start one.

5. Slade – Teen Titans

It has to be said that Slade is able to take the Teen Titans down a few pegs and it’s fun to see since Slade tends to remind them that as awesome as they are they still have a lot to learn when it comes to being heroes. As a unit, they can no doubt take him down if things were on even ground, but villains don’t tend to fight fair and there are definitely reasons for that.

4. Megatron – Transformers

He’s definitely a huge pain in the backside and someone that the Autobots could do without. Or could they? what would be left if Megatron wasn’t there? Would the warriors that have been fighting so long be able to acclimate to a time of peace? It’s hard to say, but as long as Megatron is around we probably won’t find out.

3. Skeletor – He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

For some reason, Skeletor has become a kind of endearing character even though he’s one of the most notoriously evil of the bunch. He doesn’t hide it though, so perhaps that’s the reason that people can accept him. This character is all about evil and doesn’t care who knows it.

2. Magneto – The X-Men

One thing that can be said about Magneto is that he is attempting to make the world a better place for his own species, but at the same time, he’s going about it in such an awful way that it’s hard to get behind him. If a compromise could be reached and held for a length of time it might work.

1. The Joker – Batman

This is where the chaotic element comes in that is loved by so many people even as it’s feared by others since the Joker is an agent of chaos as it’s been said in the past. He’s quick-witted and dangerous, and despite having no powers of his own he’s managed to be a thorn in Batman’s side for a long time now.

Sometimes it’s easier to side with the villain.

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