10 Old TV Shows That Are Still Great

10 Old TV Shows That Are Still Great

10 Old TV Shows That Are Still Great

There are plenty of shows out there that people have been talking about when saying such things as ‘this couldn’t be made today’, and many other things. While I won’t go into that subject in great detail it should be noted that a lot of the shows that folks today are firmly set against when it comes to reviving them in any way are still great and still have their charm for those that can take a joke and realize that satire is another part of entertainment that is meant to be enjoyed and not taken so seriously. In real life, many of these shows would be unbearably tragic thanks to the dynamics between the characters, but the manner in which they’re set up, which is to provide drama and comedy in equal measures, makes them classics that help to laugh at situations that, in real life, are undeniably depressing. Sitting down to analyze a show and its effect on society is often a favored pastime of those that want to know why people like said shows, but it’s not too hard to understand that we enjoy certain shows because we relate to them in some way. Even then, there’s nothing saying we can’t find a reason to laugh at them.  Here are a few older shows that are still great. 

10. Malcolm in the Middle

This show was an emotional rollercoaster since it was easy to feel sorry for Malcolm and, sometimes, his family, but at other times it was easy to see that they brought a lot of their own misery on themselves by the way they acted. Watching how they got by and how they actually stuck up for each other from time to time was funny because while each situation might have been more messed-up than the last one, the family somehow made their way through it. 

9. Friends

Neurotic characters were a big thing in the 90s since it was hilarious to watch their continual problems and how they tried to deal with them in the funniest of ways. Trying to criticize such things at this point makes one realize that a lot of people today either weren’t old enough or weren’t born yet and simply don’t know what the 90s were like. 

8. The Office

Considering the fanbase that some of these shows ended up creating it’s difficult to see how anyone would really want to tear any of them apart when it comes to analyzing the overall story. It almost makes a person wonder if those writing the articles have experienced any of what they’re talking about or if they think they have because they haven’t really worked in a place where sensitivity training isn’t a top priority. 

7. Scrubs

When you’re in the hospital you definitely want the staff and the doctors to be as nice to you as they can be, but there are those days when people are off their game, having a bad day, or find someone that they just don’t like. The point of this show was easy to find since of course with a show based on the people working in a hospital it’s going to have a lot of drama. But there was a lot of comedy as well. 

6. Taxi

As one of the older shows on the list, this was among those that a lot of us might have sat down to watch on occasion and really enjoyed since it had a lot of interesting and hilarious characters. Apparently now it would appear that some of those characters aren’t fully appreciated for one reason or another and a number of folks are glad the show is gone. That bandwagon makes the rounds, that’s for certain. 

5. The Honeymooners

You can imagine why people have an issue with this one, and yet Ralph Kramden and Alice have inspired so many different people that this show actually became a movie at one point. Obviously, it didn’t do that great, but the main idea is still there despite anyone wanting to think a negative thought about it. 

4. I Love Lucy

Some folks actually have an issue with this show while others love it beyond measure, it’s hard to figure out. But Lucy is a classic comedy that was made in a time when things were changing but several individuals were doing their create their own legends. At this point in time, Lucy is still an icon since she was one of those that helped to make comedy what it is now. 

3. Baywatch

The amusing part of this show is that yes, a lot of guys tuned in to watch women in swimsuits bouncing along the beach, but the objectification didn’t really stop there since men were half-naked too, but apparently we don’t talk about that since it’s seen as okay. Seriously, the women were usually covered more than the men when it came time to get into the water, so it’s hard to see any problem with it. 

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

As one of the best shows on the air at the time, and because it had one of the most well-liked and gripping episodes ever put on TV (Will’s father, remember?), this show was undoubtedly one of the best around. To be fair, it was also one of the more wholesome shows since it had its share of issues, but it dealt with a lot of real-life problems as well. 

1. Married…With Children

This is one of those shows where satire needs to be recognized for what it is since whether a person loved the Bundys or not, no one was trying to be like them unless they were trying to be funny and get a laugh out of people. Seriously, the characters on this show were horrible, but they were funny since this was how the show was set up. 

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