Whatever Happened to the Original Cast of Baywatch?

Whatever Happened to the Original Cast of Baywatch?

You remember the image of Baywatch right? The women running down the beach, the idea that they were actually there to save lives and not just look good. Baywatch was a favored show for a number of years until it finally hung up its life preserver and decided to move on. The show did make an attempt at a comeback in 1999 after an attempt to relocate to Hawaii. That kind of fizzled out however and the idea of Baywatch was kept on as a tradition rather than anything else. It was an entertaining show for the most part since it had something for everyone, especially when it came to the sex appeal it held for both men and women. To be honest there’s times when it seems like that’s all the show was really about, though if you watched closely enough there were moments in there when the show would actually be about something other than how the actors’ swimsuits fit them so tightly and yet allowed them to move so easily.

Honest, there was content to the show. But rather than get into all that let’s see what happened to the cast.

Yasmine Bleeth – Caroline Holden

Yasmine went on to star in the film Baseketball while she was still a part of the Baywatch cast, and has had a few other roles afterwards. Unfortunately during her career she developed a bit of a cocaine habit and had to enter rehab for a while. After this she was found with injectable cocaine on her person and in her hotel room, but due to a plea bargain most of the charges were dropped and she was allowed to continue on with her career. As of 2003 though she hasn’t appeared in anything else.

Alexandra Paul – Stephanie Holden

Alexandra’s role in the show kind of mirrored her real life in that she’s been one of the hardest working individuals around and doesn’t lie down to take a rest or enjoy the spotlight too much. She obviously enjoys her job but she’s one of the busiest people you can imagine as she’s out hustling gigs as much as she can and hasn’t made much if any time for a family since she’s remained childless by choice and has been a vegan for quite some time. She has dedication to what she does and it’s pretty obvious.

Pamela Anderson – C.J. Parker

Pamela is what seems to happen when one’s star status gets to go too far and takes too much. She’s appeared in a lot of movies and TV shows over the years but her name has been dragged through the mud more than once when it comes to her lifestyle and what came from it. Whether or not this was a lot of her doing or it was the stress of the life that she lived is hard to know but one thing is certain, she no longer looks like the starlet she used to be.

Gena Lee Nolin – Noly Capshaw

Gena has been fairly busy since her time on Baywatch but she’s definitely taken a few years off here and there for whatever reason. For the most part Gena has been really into modeling for magazines and just keeping up her career as much as possible.

Michael Newman – Michael Newman

Michael was the only real lifeguard on the show to be honest and was first hired on as a consultant to make sure the show was accurate enough to be entertaining. After a while though he decided to join the cast and became one of the regulars. After the show he didn’t do much, but he did compete in a Lifeguard Ironman competition in 1996, and he won. In 2011 though he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The last anyone heard he was selling real estate.

Jeremy Jackson – Hobie Buchannon

Jeremy Jackson was one of the male heartthrobs of the show and so it was difficult for a lot of people to hear that he had a severe drug problem while he was on Baywatch. After the show, and after a stint in rehab, Jeremy went on to do other shows, most of which turned out to be talk shows as he continued to speak on his experience and just what it had done to him during his time on the show and afterwards.

David Hasslehoff – Mitch Buchannon

If you ask a lot of people Hasslehoff, or ‘the Hoff’ is still the man. From his days on Knight Rider to his Baywatch appearances to his more current roles he’s always been looked upon with nothing less than awe and admiration by his fans. Even his cameo in the new Baywatch movie was considered to be one of the highlights of the entire film since for some reason people don’t think it was all that great. But hey, if the Hoff was in it, then it had some redemptive value.

A lot of folks from this show turned out to have quite a few problems, but to this date they seem to have worked them out.

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