Five Life Lessons Every Gordon Ramsay Show Teaches Us

Five Life Lessons Every Gordon Ramsay Show Teaches Us

Five Life Lessons Every Gordon Ramsay Show Teaches Us

Chef Gordon Ramsay is a British chef, restaurateur, and television personality. You may have seen him on one of his wildly popular reality television series, like Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef, or Hell’s Kitchen. One of the reasons that his shows are so popular is his infamous temper. He has a reputation for hurling wisecracks and insults at the restaurateurs and aspiring chefs that are under his tutelage. Although his teaching method is filled with expletives and fiery rants, Chef Ramsay spouts a number of important life lessons that can be used in everyday life. Do you find that hard to believe? We aim to prove you wrong. Keep reading for five life lessons every got Gordon Ramsay show has taught us:

1. Things you did in the past won’t necessarily work now

In Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Ramsay’s job is to help failing eateries get back on their feet. But, we all know that something like that isn’t cut and dry. Failing businesses don’t make any money, that’s true but, there’s often a deeper reason. Chef Ramsay’s type A personality forces everyone to rethink their approach and sharpen their focus. If something isn’t working, why continue to do it? Even if it worked in the past, change is the inevitable effect of time. In order to learn and grow you will need a different mentality and set of skills.

2. You must acknowledge failure and defeat to grow

After Chef Ramsay performs a thorough observation of the restaurant he’s trying to save, he has a heart-to-heart with the owner. Due to the nature of the conversation, the owners are able to release pent-up frustration, stress, and long-term unhappiness. After the conversation is complete, the restaurant owner usually realizes the error of their ways and understands why things need to change. No one operates under false pretenses and lies to themselves because it feels bad. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Analyzing your problems and being completely honest with yourself about your failures are painful. It can be emotional and frightening as well. But, purging those dark feelings is beneficial to your overall success. If you don’t acknowledge that’s something’s wrong, there’s no way to change it. There’s no way you can grow into who you’re meant to be.

3. Honesty is the best policy

As is evidenced by Kitchen Nightmares, working in close quarters often leads to the creation of toxic relationships. Everyone knows there’s a problem, but no one wants to acknowledge it.
Chef Ramsay believes that this toxicity occurs because people don’t pay attention to the fine line between the professional and business relationship. Whether it be a family member or friend, if there’s a disagreement, say something. Keeping your feelings bottled up will only make things worse. Instead, reflect on and release the problem. That is the cathartic solution to an unhealthy relationship.

4. Passion is necessary for success

If you watch enough of Chef Ramsay’s shows, you will notice that those who are failing often suffer from feelings of apathy and defeatism. When the Chef asks, what’s wrong? The majority will admit they’ve lost their passion. They’ve gotten so caught up in the obstacles they’re facing, they’ve fallen out of love with cooking. If Chef Ramsay is able to reignite their passion, these participants usually go on to succeed. If he is unable to do so, they usually leave his show in disgrace. When you’re passionate about achieving a goal, you will do anything to make it happen. It is the fuel that keeps you going when you are ready to give up. There is no success without passion.

5. A good leader leads by example

Chef Ramsay doesn’t just yell at and insult the participants on his shows. Anyone can do that. The challenging is producing a solution once the problem is identified. Chef Ramsay is not afraid to get his hands dirty and lead by example. It is through this attitude, that he’s able to cause real change to the people who come on his shows.

The Bottom Line

Chef Ramsay has a gruff demeanor – no one argue that point. But, there’s a method behind his madness. If you are able to look beyond the yelling, there are pearls of wisdom hidden under the expletives.

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