How The Teletubbies Helped Inspire the New Loki Series

How The Teletubbies Helped Inspire the New Loki Series

Some people love Teletubbies, others think that the only thing they can inspire would be a nightmare. But according to the director of the upcoming Loki series the colorful creatures were at least part of the inspiration that led to the creation of the Loki series, but she’s not telling how just yet. The result, of course, is that people are going to theorize as much as possible on the matter and try to come up with the reasoning behind why the mildly disturbing creatures would have done anything to inspire a story about an MCU villain, other than the idea that Loki is a little different than many villains and the mystique of it all is something that a lot of people can’t fully comprehend. Even that sounds a little too grandiose when discussing anything that might have to do with the Teletubbies, but it’s what we have to go on at the moment. When the show finally comes out in June it would appear that Herron might want to say more about this, but for those holding their breath to hear what the reference is all about, it might be best to just let it out now since revelations such as this don’t always go over too well. The truth is that inspiration can be found just about anywhere and yes, this includes Teletubbies, but sometimes it’s not bound to compute in the same way with various people since, well, some folks really don’t like Teletubbies. They’re a bit creepy to be certain and the fact that they were an integral part of a show for kids is even creepier to some folks since they’re just haunting in the way they look and speak. But something about inspired Kate Herron when it came to the Loki series, and one can only imagine at this point that it has something to do with the type of madness that the Norse trickster god is usually up to.

One thing about Loki that’s actually kind of nice is that he didn’t really change in his mannerisms when taken from Norse mythology. He’s always been a trickster in the Norse legends and despite the fact that other things have changed he’s managed to keep that one aspect of his character intact. Even better is that Tom Hiddleston is definitely capable of creating a mischievous type of character that people know they can’t trust but are willing to listen to anyway. In Norse legends, Loki was always a trickster and yet he was still someone that was allowed to remain around the other gods despite the fact that they knew what he was like. But that’s kind of where the similarities end since in Norse legends he’s not Thor’s brother, and is more of a blood brother, kind of, to Odin, who is not always the fatherly type as depicted by Anthony Hopkins. Odin is typically a trickster, a war god, and more akin to the character of Mr. Wednesday from American Gods. Thor is more or less the same but instead of his blond locks in the MCU, he was known to have flaming red hair, a beard, and a mustache, and needed a special glove and belt to wield his fabled hammer, Mjolnir. On top of all this, Loki was the father of Hela, Jorgmandur the World Serpent, and Fenrir, and was the son of giants. There’s been a lot that the MCU changed in order to make these versions of the Norse legends their own since Sif was even married to Thor in the myths, and she was blonde and had no mention of being a warrior. And yes, Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg are Marvel creations as they do not show up in Norse legends.

But as much as the MCU has taken liberties with its characters, they have managed to create something that’s been widely popular with a great many people and are continuing to do so with the various series they put out on Disney+. WandaVision dealt with the grief that came after Wanda lost her love, the Vision, after Infinity War, while The Falcon and The Winter Soldier dealt with PTSD and racism in the US, as well as a few issues with refugees and government. How Loki will contribute to the overall emotional well-being of the MCU is hard to say since the character hasn’t really been close to anyone or even trusted by anyone for a long time. In fact, the only person that’s ever mourned Loki was Thor, and even he was getting tired of the act. But given that Loki is in trouble with the TVA and has to go about making amends, it’s going to be interesting to see how he might change. Keep in mind, ‘might’ is a very strong word when talking about Loki.

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