10 Unforgettable Celebrity Guest Appearances on Black-ish

10 Unforgettable Celebrity Guest Appearances on Black-ish

10 Unforgettable Celebrity Guest Appearances on Black-ish

Over the course of eight seasons, Black-ish has captivated audiences with its blend of humor, education, and life lessons. The Johnson family has taken us on a rollercoaster ride, often with the help of some memorable guest stars. From Octavia Spencer’s tribute to Black History Month to a dinner with Michelle Obama, these ten celebrities have left an indelible mark on the show:

10. Mary J. Blige: A Harlem Renaissance Revival

In the first season, Mary J. Blige made a guest appearance, performing “I’m Going Down” and bringing the 1920s Harlem Renaissance back to life. After her performance, she approached Dre (Anthony Anderson) and commented on his unwavering gaze towards Bea. She expressed her desire for someone to love her as much as Dre loved Bea and encouraged him to fight for her.

9. Sean “Diddy” Combs: The Club Owner and Rival

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Mary J. Blige both appeared in the same episode of Black-ish, with Diddy playing Elroy Savoy, a club owner interested in Dre’s dream girl, Bea (Tracee Ellis Ross). Despite Dre’s attempts to win Bea’s heart, Elroy stood in his way, leading to a tense confrontation between the two men.

8. Zendaya: The Friend with Holiday Suggestions

Zendaya guest-starred as Zoey’s friend Rasheeda during Dre’s big holiday, Daddy’s Day. Rasheeda believed that anyone was better than her own father and offered some suggestions for Dre’s holiday, such as moving it to Columbus Day for a three-day weekend.

7. Rashida Jones: The Lucky Sister

Rashida Jones portrayed Rainbow’s sister, Santamaria (formerly Santamonica), who managed to navigate life through luck and chance rather than hard work. Despite their differences, Santamaria believed that Junior had great potential and offered him a job as her assistant.

6. Octavia Spencer: Honoring Black History Month

In 2019, Octavia Spencer joined the Black-ish cast to celebrate Black History Month. The episode, directed by Tracee Ellis Ross, featured Spencer introducing important figures in African American history and ending each introduction with the phrase, “And that’s a black person you should know.”

5. Babyface: The Wedding Officiant

Babyface made a surprising appearance as the officiant at Charlie’s (Deon Cole) wedding to Vivica Fox. Despite being demoted from best man, Dre attended the wedding and watched in amazement as Babyface performed the ceremony.

4. Regina Hall: The Nanny with a Heart

Regina Hall played Vivian, a nanny who knew how to handle the Johnson children. When Zoey and Diane were about to ruin another girl’s reputation online, Vivian stepped in and taught them a valuable lesson about kindness and leadership.

3. Tyra Banks: The Pop Star Best Friend

Tyra Banks guest-starred as Gigi, Dre’s childhood friend who became a successful pop star. Despite her fame, Gigi remained close to Dre, causing some tension between her and Bow. Eventually, Gigi and Bow agreed to support each other, leading to a heartfelt apology from Bow.

2. Amber Rose: The Love Interest with Style

Amber Rose appeared as Charlie’s love interest, with the Johnson children acting as his wingmen. To impress Amber, Charlie enlisted Junior’s help to create a lavish spread, complete with champagne, cheese, and homemade lavender ice cream. Amber arrived dressed in a stunning outfit, while Charlie donned a turtleneck ensemble.

1. Michelle Obama: The Dinner Guest of Honor

When Rainbow and Dre announced they would be hosting a special guest for dinner, the Johnson family was initially uninterested. However, when Junior revealed that Michelle Obama would be joining them, everyone suddenly cleared their schedules. Despite their promises to stay out of the way, the family couldn’t resist interacting with the former First Lady, leading to a memorable evening for all.

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