The Top 10 Cartoon Psychopaths of All-Time

The Top 10 Cartoon Psychopaths of All-Time

Whether you agree with Watchmojo or not some of the cartoon psychopaths on this list are truly unnerving and deserve their spot simply because they’re not all there, and in some cases you might have to wonder if their creators are all there as well. It’s one thing for a cartoon to be crazy and completely out of control but to actively create a character like this seems to beg the question of the mental health of the individual creating them. Of course it’s all fiction and for TV but the underlying belief is still that if a person creates something like this it almost proves that they have a dark side to them that people don’t often get to see.

It’s just more fun to focus on the character on the screen though.

10. Roberto-Futurama

If anyone is doubting any longer that giving AI more control then Roberto should set them straight because he’s honestly one of the craziest robots to ever grace the small screen. A robot that’s designed to be crazy is something that could give a person the chills.

9. Rat King-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Does anyone remember this guy? After the Shredder, Krang, and the Foot clan angle got a little stale the creators of TMNT started playing around with other villains and even other heroes. Eventually it just became kind of a mess.

8. Carnage-Spider-Man

Carnage is one of the most legit and craziest psychopath’s on this list just because the human that gave himself up willingly to the symbiote was a certified whack job. Whereas Eddie Brock learned how to control the dark behaviors of his symbiote, Cassidy went full on into the madness without looking back.

7. Azula-Avatar: The Last Airbender

Never mess with a woman that can control fire on the level that this one can. Her temper burns just as hot as the element she has such great control over, and to be honest her quest for domination is second to none.

6. Sideshow Bob-The Simpsons

The terror of a villain is kind of dulled down just a little when their name is Sideshow Bob. From the frizzy hair to big, floppy feet he’s kind of a running joke, but one that wants so badly to be taken seriously.

5. Barry Dylan-Archer

It doesn’t seem as though there’s a lot of people that like Archer to be honest. It’s not too hard to see why since he’s kind of a jerk but Barry is the kind of guy that took that hatred off the deep end and tried to use it as a bungee cord. You can assume the cord either frayed or snapped because he’s not coming back.

4. Earl of Lemongrab-Adventure Time

The voice, the false sense of authority, and the mere appearance of this guy is enough to think that he’s unbalanced but not too terribly dangerous. He’s just a crazy, annoying person.

3. Hexidecimal-Reboot

You know a villain is a bit nutty when she wants to tear everything down, including her own domain. Plus, she doesn’t seem to think too much about doing it.

2. The Joker-Batman the animated series

You might think he deserves to be number one on this list but the Joker at least has an inkling of sanity that he uses at times to try and further his goals of killing Batman and spreading chaos. He is however the most unstoppable force on this list so far.

1. Eric Cartman-South Park

Yes. Eric Cartman. If you’ve ever seen a more sickening display of psychopathic behavior then raise your hand, but if not then Cartman takes the cake when it comes to being the kind of kid that might like ‘experimenting’ on stray animals in his garage.

There are plenty of psychopathic cartoon characters, these are just some of the worst.

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