A “Fat Vampire” Adaptation is Coming to Syfy with Jacob Batalon

You’ve got to admit, the public doesn’t get to see a lot of fat vampires if any. It could be that the idea of a fat vampire just doesn’t really mesh with the legends and myths that vampires are thin, muscular, in shape or even wispy, but not often fat. Jacob Batalon will be taking on this role it sounds like in order to bring this story to bear, as the SYFY Channel will be bringing up another vampire story that will use Batalon as the main character who wants respect and everything he could desire, but has to deal with everything he doesn’t want or need instead. This definitely sounds like the case of the nice guy with the good heart and the worst luck, only retold from the point of view of a vampire. If you think that’s odd at this point then you haven’t been around long or you’ve been doing anything but watching TV, which isn’t a bad thing really. But vampires have been given a variety of different looks over the years as the stories have come and gone.

Everything from the bloodiest to the tamest stories have been rolled out for the viewing pleasure of the masses, and people have watched them over and over since obviously the fascination with vampires is something that won’t be going away anytime soon. There are a lot of reasons that people are into vampires, but one of the most obvious is that they’re simply powerful and often very good-looking creatures that also have an allure to them thanks to the danger they represent. But since it’s the era in which we’re seeing filmmakers and TV directors break expectations left and right, it’s not hard to get the feeling that Jacob’s casting is due both to his talent and to a challenge of the societal expectations that exist when it comes to vampires. So very few bloodsuckers have been seen as anything other than thin that it’s hard to list that many of them.

One would be from Blade, the disgustingly fat creature known as Pearl, who was flash-fried at one point since the fat of the vampire’s body must have jiggled in the wrong way, or the woman that killed Pearl was just ready to crispy-fry a vampire. Most vampires that have been seen as overweight are usually those that are being used for comic effect or for something else that has something to do with the main story. But otherwise, overweight vampires aren’t really given a whole lot of attention for various reasons. One is that vampires are often regarded as sexualized creatures unless one is about to mention the shark-toothed monstrosities from 30 Days of Night. The whole aspect of a vampire, from the allure to the fact that they can ‘dominate’ the will of another being, has created something that started out as almost romantic and has in fact become erotic over the years. This has given vampires an image of being sexy, hot, and definitely vain a lot of times. This idea is pretty rooted in society and hasn’t been challenged a whole lot over the years, but this might be the time.

There’s no doubt that Jacob is a good actor, but it’s going to be interesting to see how he does in a vampire project that’s likely going to be given a bit of humor to deal with since the description of what his character is going to go through is enough to say ‘romantic comedy’ mixed in with the horror aspect that will turn it into something all its own. Given his track record thus far it’s not one hundred percent guaranteed that this project will be a hit, but it’s still hopeful that something will come of it since it would be another good showing that could continue to push Jacob’s career forward. To a lot of people, it’s probably a difficult transition to see Jacob go from being Ned in Spider-Man to anything else since he became an endearing character and Peter’s best friend, but eventually there isn’t going to be a lot of a future in the MCU for Ned unless he becomes a more integral character, and if Peter even sticks around that long. Things are always changing after all.

Another vampire story is always going to be iffy until it’s decided that people like it or they can do without it. Sometimes a vampire movie can be gory, sometimes it can do with less gore, and sometimes there’s just enough that people don’t mind and are satisfied with the result. It does sound as though this project might be somewhere in the middle, which would mean that some of the focus will be on the gore, while the rest will hopefully be on the cast and the overall story.

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