The Return of Blade: What to Expect and How It Could Revive the Franchise

The Return of Blade: What to Expect and How It Could Revive the Franchise

The Return of Blade: What to Expect and How It Could Revive the Franchise

Blade’s Rocky Journey Through the Cinematic Universe

It’s no secret that Wesley Snipes’ reps should have steered him clear of Blade II and Blade Trinity. The sequels failed to live up to the original’s success, despite the addition of big-name stars. The storylines seemed to detract from Blade’s character, leaving fans wanting more. The first film concluded with a somewhat satisfying ending, but the sequels failed to capture the same magic.

Sure, the sequels had their moments, like the terrifying Reapers in Blade II and the introduction of Drake, the original vampire, in Blade Trinity. However, these ideas fell flat when executed on screen. The fight between Triple H and Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity was arguably more entertaining than most of the action scenes in the sequels.

The problem with the Blade sequels is that they suffered from the same treatment as many comic book movies: cramming too much into one film. This approach works for selling comic books, but it doesn’t translate well to the big screen. With Mahershala Ali stepping into the role of Blade for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), fans are curious to see if he can breathe new life into the franchise.

Blade’s Future in the MCU and the Importance of Representation

It’s worth noting that Blade was one of the first Marvel movies with a black lead, long before Black Panther. However, some people seem to have forgotten this fact, as they praise the recent increase in representation within the MCU. While it’s great to see more diversity in superhero films, it’s essential to remember and acknowledge the trailblazers like Blade.

As for the future of Blade in the MCU, there are mixed opinions on whether Mahershala Ali is the right choice for the role. Wesley Snipes has expressed interest in working with Ali if a suitable role is found for him, which would be a fitting tribute to the man who brought Blade to the big screen. Snipes could potentially play a villain, mentor, or ally to Ali’s Blade, adding an exciting dynamic to the new film.

There are also rumors about Blade having a daughter in the upcoming movie, but these are unconfirmed at the moment. For now, fans are eagerly awaiting Blade’s arrival in the MCU, even if it means a possible PG-13 rating instead of the R rating that Snipes’ films received.

The Debate Over Blade’s Rating and Disney’s Influence

Many fans argue that Blade needs an R rating to be effective, given the violent and gory nature of the character’s story. Comparing it to Deadpool’s need for an R rating might not be entirely accurate, but it’s clear that Blade’s brutal vampire-slaying action requires a certain level of intensity.

However, with Disney footing the bill, there’s a chance that the new Blade film could be toned down to fit the company’s family-friendly image. While it’s possible for Disney to create a less-than-family-friendly division, it’s also likely that they’ll be cautious about their reputation.

Ultimately, Blade’s story demands a hard-hitting, no-nonsense plot that allows the lead character to get as down and dirty as necessary. Fans are hoping that the new Blade film will stay true to the character’s roots and deliver the intense, action-packed experience they’ve been craving since the original movie.

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