Five Stranger Things Spin-Off Ideas That Could Potentially Work

Five Stranger Things Spin-Off Ideas That Could Potentially Work

Stranger Things 3 Finale

Stranger Things season 4 is coming, that’s guaranteed, but until it gets here we’re still sitting here, waiting, thinking, wondering, and somehow thinking how cool it would be for spinoffs to emerge from this show that was turned on its head at the end of season 3. We already know that Hopper is alive, and that Eleven has lost her powers, and that the group has split up, and yes, the Russians have a Demogorgon in captivity. But amazingly enough, that’s not all there is to know about the whole story, since there are plenty of loose ends that have yet to be tied up or even fully explored. If those loose ends ever did become something though it would be kind of fun since it might keep the idea of Stranger Things going for a while since it feels as though the Upside Down hasn’t even really started to get nasty in its attempts to mess with those that know about it.

Here are a few ideas that might be great as spinoffs.

5. The gang splits for good and an anthology slowly brings them back together.

This might be a bit disorienting and even kind of confusing, but it does feel that thanks to their experiences that if the group did go their own separate ways that their experiences could still keep them tied together somehow given the fact that something as traumatic as what they went through wouldn’t go away that quickly. But this would be kind of a touchy project since it would mean that there would be possible cameos and appearances by various people within the show that might not work all the time or might not be as effective. Still, it feels like something that could work simply because it might expand the story in an intriguing manner.

4. The college years.

The fact is that the kids aren’t getting any younger and at some point, if not already, they could pass for college kids. The question is whether all of them would go to college or not and if Eleven could even attend given that she might not have a school record to apply with. But since the Upside Down would almost have to factor into just about any spinoff that came along it feels as though setting up a college campus for some weird happenings might be kind of interesting. Even better, one college or another being turned into a gateway between the real world and the Upside Down might be a fun idea.

3. The Upside Down starts forcing its way into the real world.

This is likely been happening already but it feels as though it should be happening quicker, that the barrier between the worlds should have been weakened in a manner that should have allowed the creatures beyond to infiltrate in a more effective manner. Of course, if that does happen then it would probably mean that Hawkins would be wiped off the map since what’s beyond the barrier is big enough and nasty enough to take the entire town it feels like. But trickling through as it has now is proving to be troublesome anyway, and there’s no telling if the Russians have another gate beside the one we saw at the end of the third season.

2. Hopper becomes a paranormal investigator.

This one sounds like a bit of a stretch, but it could work after all that Hopper has seen. It does need to involve getting him back stateside or at least out of a Russian prison since there’s not much he can do in there. But having Hopper go off to seek the supernatural might actually be kind of a fun idea that might even have him interact with some of the other cast members since it feels as though they might need to be in on the act. There’s not a lot to go on when it comes to how this would happen and what reason he would use to make it work, but it does feel like a possible direction anyway.

1. The beginning of the 11.

Let’s see how this whole thing got started and how the kids were selected for the project. It might be a little hard to watch since the fact that they were all kids might be something that people would have a slight issue with, but at the same time, one has to know that people are hoping for something like this to come along eventually and explain the beginning of the show. Eleven is still a bit of a mystery when it comes to her powers and what she can do, and why. Plus, the connection that these kids have to the Upside Down, at least Eleven, makes it feel as though they might be the key to keeping humanity safe or condemning everyone.

It could be interesting, there’s no doubt.Hopper

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