Duck Dynasty 5.09 Review- “The Big LeCOWski”

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Well after another week of hiatus, everyone’s favorite duck-calling rednecks returned this week in an all new Duck Dynasty! One more week until the hour-long season finale. The tomfoolery is running high as always! Let’s jump in, shall we?

We start this weeks episode with Sadie (Willie’s sixteen year old daughter) who is job shadowing Willie. He brings her in the warehouse with the guys, or the “bowels” of the operation. This is a particularly interesting day in the warehouse as Si is being Batman. The guys convince Willie to let Sadie hang around them, but he only agrees because he thinks it will be a good example of what not to do. They pretty much just play basketball and explore Si’s brain, anyway. Jase proceeds to explain to Willie and Sadie a million ideas (all of which are interestingly terrible) but then he decides that a “cow blind” (a sort of Trojan horse cow that you can hide in when you duck hunt) is the creme of the crop, so Willie lets them carry it out.

Meanwhile, Jep (and family) are at Phil and Kay’s before a trip to the petting zoo. After Phil makes fun, he gets roped into going along. This was an amusing storyline, but other than showcasing the cuteness of Jep’s kids, (and lots of good Phil quotes) it didn’t really do much for me. It was, however, educational. Did you know that you can ride sheep and it’s called “Mutton Busting”? Me either, but I learned that from Jep’s friend at the petting zoo on tonight’s episode. Jep’s kids “mutton busting” was adorable and it was quite the learning experience! Also, I learned that Phil and Si used to throw dried animal dung at each other for fun. I’m much happier in the age of Nintendo, for the record.

Back at the warehouse, Jase and the men have built a full size, black cow (which is actually VERY terrifying). Sadie tells her dad that she’d like to see it through, so they go out to watch the guys attempt to duck hunt from a giant fake cow. Willie was skeptical, but it actually seemed to work pretty well. Jase was seeking credit for his ideas, but there was absolutely no way that Willie would give it to him. As the mutton busting and duck hunting concluded, the family came together for their meal and prayer.

While this wasn’t my favorite episode of the season, it was still quite a bit of fun. This episode was geared much more toward quotes and funny sayings than it was the story. That being said, here are some of my favorite quotes from the episode:

“We’re boldly going where no redneck has gone before”- Jase

“Nananananananananana fire Jep!”- Si (Batman)

“He’s being Batman today”- Jase

“Si’s support of your idea probably means it’s a bad idea”- Willie

“Look at that goat! It’s like a little mini-Godwin”- Jep

I hope these were some of your favorite quotes too! Hit up the comments with your favorite quotes for the episode! This week was fun but I’m very much looking forward to the season 5 finale next week! Thanks for reading as always, and I’ll see you for one last article next week!

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