Why Conor McGregor Makes Perfect Sense for the WWE

In the world of MMA, there are likely a few personalities that stick out that don’t get a lot of time on the air, but a lot of fighters are tough and impressive but on screen have the personality of a potato. Conor McGregor is the kind of guy that appears born to talk and rile up his opponents since he doesn’t stop talking that often when he’s on-screen and it would appear that he’s fully ready to say anything it takes to get under his opponent’s skin. He’d be great for the WWE for this part alone since his mouth would be a big part of his character given that when it comes to trash-talking it feels as though he would be one of the absolute best. John Cena has even endorsed him apparently, and Shaemus happens to think that it’s just a matter of time before he’s brought into the fold. Considering the fact that McGregor is so much smaller than a lot of the guys in the WWE it’s kind of hard to say that he should absolutely be a part of the show, but it’s hard to say no as well.

Looking at Conor and his track record when it comes to trash-talking it almost feels as though he would be another wrestler that would have a style not unlike Enzo Amore, though less flashy and a lot more capable in the ring no doubt. It would almost be like a cross between Enzo and Steve Blackman, a wrestler who was present during the Attitude Era in the WWF. It’s a gimmick that might work so long as Conor could check his swings and his kicks more often than not since despite how brutal it might appear at times, the WWE is still rehearsed obviously and requires a great deal of training and skill, not to mention control since no one wants to really get slugged in the ring.

But getting him in there might be tricky since working on the type of gimmick that would make this possible might be a little difficult. There have been so many bad and horrible gimmicks in the history of the WWE that one can’t even easily count them any longer. But bringing in Conor as himself would be a good idea as it might allow people to get used to the idea before he took on any different type of persona. Brock Lesnar came in under his own name and dominated, as did Ronda Rousey. Eventually, Rousey came in with a gimmick that hearkened back to Rowdy Roddy Piper, but Lesnar has stayed the same throughout his wrestling career and it’s worked since the man is an absolute beast. Bringing in Conor would hopefully spark some sort of creative idea, but hopefully, not one that would lean into any sort of Irish stereotype, which in this day and age would be a seriously bad move. It’s fair to think that his Irish heritage would be used for a storyline or two upon his inclusion if this ever happens, but it’s also likely that it will be done to provoke a reaction from the fans, not to seriously denigrate the Irish in any way. Trying to remain as respectful as possible while making it appear as though they’re crossing the line has been a part of the WWE creative team’s goal for a long time now, and it’s usually worked to great effect.

But in terms of his character and whether he would still be the MMA, a**-kicking individual that he’s been known as for so long, it’s easy to think that this would be put on blast too since when anyone moves from one sport to another there’s bound to be some trash-talking that accompanies such a transition. This is typical since if a person goes from one sport to another the general idea is to say that they couldn’t hack it in the arena they came from and felt the need to ‘invade’ another sport to try and hold onto a bit of glory. The funny thing is that as diverse as the backgrounds of the WWE stars are, there aren’t a lot of them that could step in the ring with a genuine MMA fighter and last for more than a couple of rounds.

Bringing Conor into the WWE would be another moment in which fans might agree with his signing or feel that he was going to be another failed gimmick that would be in and out within a month or two after showing that his attitude just wasn’t right for the squared circle. But there’s a good deal of hope that he might actually fit in without any trouble since he’s made it clear that he’s a showman, and that he can back up his mouth from time to time. Maybe it would work.

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