Behind the Scenes Look at How a Pro Wrestling Broadcast is Put Together

When you’re a kid and you watch pro wrestling you think it’s real.  Then you get older and find out that it’s not real.  But then you get older and realize something else:  while the matches and outcomes are pretty much scripted, the wrestlers themselves are in fact ridiculously amazing athletes and the moves and risks they take in the ring are about as real as real gets.  I personally think “wrestling is fake” is the wrong phrase to use.   The WWE, like any other business, is a business.  It’s well crafted, scripted, and detailed just like any other business plan or movie or show that’s being created.  It’s just that we don’t see that stuff…until now.

There are hundreds of writers, producers, directors, etc etc working behind the scenes to craft each show, each match, each piece of dialogue and each and every crazy stunt they pull.  If any of these get screwed up people can die, ratings can plummet and jobs can be lost.  So if you think that wrestling is “fake” you may be right but that’s just not the right word to use.

Anyway, we got a hold of some actual WWE plans and as you’ll see, it’s incredibly detailed.  Check them out below:

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