Piper’s Pit: Don’t Mess with Andre the Giant

Piper’s Pit:  Don’t Mess with Andre the Giant

In honor of one of the best “talk shows” of all-time as well as one of my favorite pro wrestlers of all-time, I’ve decided to begin a segment on this site called “Piper’s Pit.”  In it we’ll have a look back at some of the best episodes the WWE aired of Roddy Piper doing his best to interview WWE stars before either beating them up or he himself getting beaten up.  In the history of the WWE, I think Piper’s Pit was one of THE best gimmicks ever.

I personally believe that in today’s day and age, Piper’s Pit could have easily been a successful half hour talk show on regular television.  Millions would have tuned it just to see what this guy would do to his guests.  Fake or not, it wouldn’t matter.

In our premiere episode I figured I’d start off with another WWE legend as Piper’s guest.   This is what happens when you have Andre the Giant with an afro on your show.  Don’t ever try and upset a giant or bad things will happen.

“You do not throw rocks at a man who’s got a machine gun.”


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