Ranking The WWE WrestleMania Money In The Bank Ladder Matches From Worst To Best

The Money In The Bank ladder match now has its own PPV event named after it. But, it first made an appearance as an attraction match at WrestleMania. Between WrestleMania 21 and XXVI, there was six Money In The Bank ladder matches. But which ones were best?

Here is every WrestleMania Money In The Bank ladder match ranked from worst to best.

6. Jack Swagger vs Christian vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Evan Bourne vs Kane vs Kofi Kingston vs Matt Hardy vs Montel Vontavious Porter vs Shelton Benjamin – WrestleMania XXVI

WrestleMania XXVI saw Jack Swagger win the Money In The Bank briefcase during the time when WWE thought that Swagger could become the next Kurt Angle due to his amateur background. That wasn’t the case and honestly, there were about six better options in the match when it came to the winner. Not that Swagger is a bad wrestler, he is doing incredibly well in AEW now that he’s more seasoned, but he shouldn’t of won this match and it could of been used to elevate someone like Ziggler or MVP.

5. CM Punk vs Christian vs Finlay vs Kane vs Kofi Kingston vs Mark Henry vs Montel Vontavious Porter vs Shelton Benjamin – WrestleMania 25

CM Punk is the only WWE Superstar to not only win two Money In The Bank matches, but also two in a row, with WrestleMania 25 serving as his second of the two. It is without question that his first win at WrestleMania XXIV was much better, but this match is still a good match overall.

4. Mr Kennedy vs CM Punk vs Edge vs Finlay vs Jeff Hardy vs King Booker vs Matt Hardy vs Randy Orton – WrestleMania 23

Mr Kennedy was once positioned to be the next big star in WWE, with him winning the Money In The Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 23 in 2007. The match featured more heavyweight Superstars than many other matches, with the likes of King Booker and Randy Orton taking part. But, with the Hardys and Edge involved, it still had its share of high risk spots.

While not the best Money In The Bank match of all time, it was overall very good and worth checking out for sure.

3. Rob Van Dam vs Bobby Lashley vs Finlay vs Matt Hardy vs Ric Flair vs Shelton Benjamin – WrestleMania 22

Mr Monday Night was the second winner of the Money In The Bank briefcase when RVD defeated Bobby Lashley, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Ric Flair, and Shelton Benjamin. While not featuring as many high spots as other matches due to the participants involved, it was overall a fantastic ladder match. RVD would go on the challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand 2006 in one of Cena’s best matches.

2. CM Punk vs Carlito vs Chris Jericho vs John Morrison vs Montel Vontavious Porter vs Mr. Kennedy vs Shelton Benjamin – WrestleMania XXIV

CM Punk won his first of two back to back Money In The Bank wins at WrestleMania XXIV, the only Superstar to win not only two but two in a row. Featuring other Superstars such as Y2J, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and John Morrison, the match is as good as you would expect. The ladder was used in many creative ways, including a moonsault while holding the ladder by John Morrison, as well as Shelton Benjamin showcasing his spectacular athletic ability with the ladder, he also took a dangerous-looking spot through a ladder. Perhaps the most creative spot was Chris Jericho performing the Walls Of Jericho on the ladder to John Morrison.

In the end, CM Punk was able to climb the ladder and grab the Money In The Bank briefcase, going on the win the World Heavyweight Championship a few months later.

1. Edge vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Christian vs Kane vs Shelton Benjamin – WrestleMania 21

Sometimes you just can’t beat the original, as is the case with the very first Money In The Bank match ever, which took place at WrestleMania 21 in 2005. The match featured a star-studded lineup including Edge, Chris Jericho, Kane, Christian, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Benoit. As you would expect from such a lineup, this is an incredible ladder match, with a perfect blend of dangerous high spots and incredible storytelling. Quite often in ladder matches they just turn into a spot fest, with each Superstar looking to do the most dangerous spot they can think of. That wasn’t the case here and it made the match much better than many other Money In The Bank matches.

Edge ended up winning the match and later on managed to cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase to earn his first world title win, going on to have a legendary career which resulted in him going into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

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