Will Conor McGregor Take His Talents to the WWE?

There’s nothing set in stone at this point when it comes to Conor McGregor and the WWE, but it seems like it would be the most natural progression since the Mayweather fight. If he was go back to UFC at this time it would likely be with his proverbial tail between his legs after talking so much trash before the Mayweather fight and then losing in such a decisive fashion. But to go to WWE might be an interesting if somewhat costly proposition.

On one hand there’s rumor that Ronda Rousey is supposed to be making a move towards the WWE eventually, so taking in two UFC stars would be a bit of stretch really. It could happen without a doubt but it would be a very expensive venture without any real guarantee that anything would come of it. Of course if that was allowed to come to fruition and there was a match scheduled for Conor McGregor to make his way into the fold there are already a few contestants that might be a good match for the scrappy fighter. The one thing everyone has to realize is that compared to almost every man in the WWE locker room he’s a shrimp. He can fight without a doubt, but he’s actually heads shorter than a lot of the guys and weighs a good deal less. He’d be going in as a decided underdog no matter who he faced.

That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be entertaining though.

5. John Cena

Because honestly Cena is the road into the WWE at this point. He’s the guy that seems to measure whether or not a new recruit can actually make it, or if they have what it takes to stay in the WWE. He’s got at least 100 pounds on McGregor and he’s getting up in his 40’s now, but he can still carry a match, and with McGregor that’s what might be needed at first.

4. Braun Strowman

I know the look you just got in your eyes. McGregor vs. Strowman? Why not double down and have a match pitting Enzo vs. someone like Vince Wilfork? That’s for reference folks, it won’t ever happen, but Strowman is the big guy in the WWE right now and a mismatch like this would be for publicity and provide an in for McGregor pitting him against the Monster Among Men just for the fun of it.

3. Kevin Owens

The trash-talking between these two would be epic, so long as Conor was reminded that the WWE is a very PG-rated show in terms of their verbal disputes. KO would no doubt comment on his size and Conor would do the same, leaving everyone to wonder just when the first blow was going to be thrown.

2. The Miz

The Miz doesn’t have much in the way of height or weight on McGregor, but he’s a showman like no other and the perfect heel to pit someone like McGregor against for his first match. At this time the Miz is a bit embroiled in another battle with the reformed Shield, but it could be a match that would have some merit to it.

1. Enzo Amore

This might be just a joke match but it would also be the culmination of a tweet that Enzo sent to McGregor prior to the Mayweather fight. Considering that these guys are fairly close in height and weight, and their mic abilities, it could be interesting.

If he came to the WWE McGregor might get sent immediately to 205 Live with the cruiserweights, but at least he’d be entertaining.


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