Was It A Good Idea To Give Dolph Ziggler The NXT Championship?

Was It A Good Idea To Give Dolph Ziggler The NXT Championship?

Was It A Good Idea To Give Dolph Ziggler The NXT Championship?

Dolph Ziggler is the new NXT Champion! The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion pulled off the shocking victory at NXT: Roadblock this past Tuesday in a Triple Threat match that involves the former champ Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa. The latter actually took the pin in the match-up, with an expected singles bout between Ziggler and Breakker at NXT: Stand and deliver. The only question needed for Ziggler’s win is: But why tho? Exactly what purpose does it serve to give Ziggler a title reign when Breakker has barely done anything with the belt? The length of a title reign isn’t always the determination on whether a championship reign is good or not. Does anyone remember Dean Ambrose’s 351-day United States title run? It’s completely forgettable because the former WWE superstar mainly had it around his waist as a prop. Big E’s title run failed because he was mostly portrayed as a loser.

The most important thing about title reigns is that the champion does something with them. There needs to be growth and development from the champ himself, along with exciting and memorable feuds. Bron Breakker has successfully defended his belt against Santos Escobar a month after beating Ciampa for it at New Year’s Evil. That’s it. NXT has done an excellent job with Breakker’s presentation and it’s stunning that they would cut off his momentum so early. With the result of Ziggler beating Ciampa, not Breakker, he’ll likely get back the belt when these two meet in a singles match, but why cut off his legs temporarily when Ziggler’s purpose should’ve been to put over the young superstar? Can you imagine if Vince McMahon decided to have Roman Reigns randomly drop the belt to Cesaro at WrestleMania’s Backlash? That means it would’ve cut off the legendary status that the Tribal Chief is approaching and the overall stardom of the man himself. It wouldn’t have killed Reigns career because he’ll be able to bounce back, but imagine how much more the win over Reigns is going to be when someone finally topples the Smackdown star. Since he has been presented as this Goliath (who cheats) throughout his run, it instantly puts over the wrestler who pins the Florida native. Reigns has the ability to create a new star should he drop the belt to a young talent.

Dolph Ziggler doesn’t gain anything by winning the belt in such a fluky fashion. Breakker’s reign hasn’t been long enough to truly mean anything, and plus, Breakker wasn’t even the man that was pinned. The second-generation star winning the title back is worthless because he’s beating a star who’s been devalued for years and is essentially a cheating, cowardly heel. There’s no momentum behind the former WWE Champion because he hasn’t been in anything prominent for years. In fact, Dolph Ziggler hasn’t had a singles win by pinfall or submission since the Smackdown episode of December 11, 2020 against Angelo Dawkins. That’s over one year. The NXT Championship is supposed to be the top belt of the developmental brand. Never mind the fact that it isn’t on par with Raw or Smackdown. The top champion on the brand is a guy that hasn’t had a meaningful singles win in over a year. It doesn’t matter that Ziggler won it in a fluky fashion. This is professional wrestling, not MMA. The company could’ve simply booked Breakker to retain his belt and add to the legacy of his championship reign. Breakker should be going on a run similar to Roman Reigns; He’s the future of this company and it’s important to protect him and highlight why he’s special.

I know that’s I’m being a bit overdramatic as the move to give Ziggler the belt isn’t going to ruin Breakker’s character. He’ll likely win it back and maintain his popularity with the audience. But loses do matter. Going back to Big E, I stated that his reign was a disappointment because he was consistently losing. The company could eventually ruin his character (or anyone else) if they believe moves like this are smart booking. You need a solid character and more importantly, they need to feel special. Roman Reigns feels special because he’s built as superior to everyone else. So does Brock Lesnar. The WWE Champion is coming off a loss against Bobby Lashley at The Royal Rumble, but the company has protected him so well that it’s meaningful when Brock loses a match. WWE needs to be careful on this haphazard type of booking. Bron Breakker will be fine, but if this guy isn’t allowed to have a lengthy and meaningful title reign then his career can easily turn into Dolph Ziggler’s.

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