10 TV Shows to Binge Watch this September on Amazon Prime

10 TV Shows to Binge Watch this September on Amazon Prime

10 TV Shows to Binge Watch this September on Amazon Prime

How can you determine if a TV show is worth your binge time? No worries, we got your back. Here is a list of the best shows and the streaming services you can get them: it contains the current and the best shows you can stream on Amazon Prime Video. With this, you ease the search for the next binge. The shows on the listing range from supernatural to procedural dramas to classic comedy. Whichever your pick, you’re guaranteed an exciting binge-watch experience.

1. 30 Rock

Have you ever wondered how it feels to serve at Saturday Night Live? Tina Fey, 30 Rock creator, tells her story based on her experience with one. Fey is painfully relating to Liz Lemon, the head writer. Fey struggles daily dealing with her self-unawareness. She also has to deal with idle actors like Jack Donaghy, Jenna Maroney, Tracy Jordan, and a writing staff whose desire is to make her mind blow up. Check out for commentary in the TV show and the hilarious situations Lemon gets into at home, at work, and in the entire New York City.

2. Alias

Alias is among the best symbolic spy thrillers premiered on TV. J.J Abrams is behind its creation with Jennifer Garner in the starring role. Jennifer’s career-making turned to Sydney Bristow, a woman who viewed nothing as impossible. She was a superwoman with no superpowers. A turning double agent, always saving the world and taking down an organization pretending to be CIA. All the achievements Sydney accomplished without exposing her secret identity. She also remembers Francie hates coffee ice cream.

3. Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is a family crime series with a dark and twisted story. It’s perfect for a solid binge. It has five seasons full of granular drama, instantly hooking you and making it hard to let go. The Turner Network Television series is about a crime family in Southern California. That is, the Codys, with matriarch Smurf as the leader. It starts when Smurf’s daughter succumbs to overdose, and her son comes to live with the family. He explores the environment as he learns every detail of their illegal business. The series is as addictive as Codys’ favorite affairs if you appreciate it.

4. The Americans

Joe Weisberg, former CIA in the FX series, gives a clear definition of turning down expectations. When it first launched, everyone was rooting for the Russian spies of the Cold War but living in America. Matthew Rhys and Keri Russel have the starring roles as deep-cover agents pretending to be a married couple. The knowledge is that they reside in Washington, D.C, with unsuspected children of American natives. Though their merciless spying exploits were a captivating scene to watch, it’s fascinating to see their endeavors as a married couple.

5. Billions

It is good to be wrong at times, as Billions Showtime drama proves precisely that. Andrew Ross Sorkin, a financial columnist for New York Times, is the co-creator. Set in a New York post-crash, the series is all about a hedge fund boss. There is a U.S Attorney who does all his best to make him fall into a thrilling struggle. Amazon users can get seasons one to three for free. The Showtime add-on has the rest of the series.

6. Bosch

Bosch is an original series in Amazon focusing on the best-selling novels by Michael Connelly. He is also responsible for the film’s onscreen adaptation to life. Titus Welliver, with a starring titular character as Harry Bosch, is a homicide detective working for the LAPD. The police scenes have occurred in six seasons, with a renewal in the seventh season.

7. The Carol Burnett Show

Caro Burnett is among the iconic comedians that have made it in history. The Carol Burnett Show ran for more than a decade on CBC. It has produced 278 episodes making it Carol’s ultimate masterpiece. Watch the female-led comedy show first on TV. Making history with its classic series, from ear tugging to the laughs to the significance of the glass ceiling shattering.

8. Chuck

Chuck is another spying show worth a binge-watch for various reasons. NBC creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz focus more on the comedy side. It stars Zachary Levi, playing Chuck Bartowski, a nerdy IT guy. It starts when Chuck unknowingly downloads a file containing encrypted images. The images consist of combined NSA and CIA secrets stored in his brain. Watching Chuck transform from a hapless fish in a life or death situation to a super spy is one of the fantastic scenes in the show. However, it gets more impressive when Sarah Walker, his CIA handler, falls in love with each other.

9. Bones

This film, Bones, is a crime procedural. It stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, giving the perfect blend of drama and comedy. Bones focuses on anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan (Bones) and Seeley Booth, an FBI special agent. The film’s creator, Hart Hanson, focuses more on the scientist and the FBI, similar to the Bones and Booth. Its focus is the reason Bones managed to run on Fox for 12 seasons.

10. Dom

Dom is a scripted Brazilian series. It’s a first in the Amazon Prime Video. The setting is an inspiration from a true story on drugs in Rio with a father and son on different sides. Dom focuses on the father, an intelligent military agent turning his life’s mission to fight drugs. He watches his son suffer from addiction and turn to the most wanted criminal – Pedro Dom.Animal KingdomZachary LeviAlias

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