Masters of the Universe: Revelation Gets its First Full Trailer

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Gets its First Full Trailer

This looks like pure awesome, and as Kevin Smith has said, it’s the animated series that a lot of us have been waiting on for years now since He-Man and the Masters of the Universe first came around. Seeing the trailer and getting the idea that Eternia is in serious trouble one can’t help but think that the story is already about to kick off in a major way when it hits Netflix on July 23rd. Watching the trailer and seeing Prince Adam transform into He-Man, and Teela showing her increasingly frustrated attitude, is definitely enough, but getting to hear more about the story, such as the heroes and villains of Eternia having to work together, Skeletor entering the fray, and the fact that magic is slowly fading from Eternia, all of it is feeding into the need that a lot of people probably feel by now to watch the season unfold and take us back to a pleasing moment in our childhood when we would shout to the heavens we have the power and so on.

Even better is who’s been cast to provide the voices for some of the characters since Chris Wood, Mark Hamill, Lena Headey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Justin Long, and many other noted actors have been brought on to help create this long-awaited masterpiece. Personally, I was a bit doubtful about this in the past, but after watching the trailer it’s a step back in time, kind of, laying eyes on the characters I enjoyed in my youth. There are definitely going to be some differences here and there, that’s to be expected. But from the initial look, it would appear that this series is going to be something special, and even better, it will kick things up a notch according to Kevin Smith since there will be battles that will be far better than anything that went down when the original animated series was still on the air.

One thing that’s obvious is that originally it was a kid’s show so the prospect of anyone dying on TV wasn’t going to be too great. But this time around the prospect of seeing a battle finish to the end is apparently going to be much better since being that it’s on Netflix and geared more towards adults, or families if one wants to put it that way, He-Man and the others will be able to cut loose a little more often. It’s not likely that this show will turn into a bloodbath, but it’s possible that it will become a little more violent and that the battles will definitely be more entertaining. Already it looks like things will be able to attract a wider fanbase since back in the day, kids were the main target and as a result, it was seen that He-Man and his friends wouldn’t kill anyone, they’d simply beat them up or defeat them and let the bad guys go slinking away. Plus, there were educational moments within the show that were meant to teach kids about safety and various other life lessons. This time around it would appear that it’s going to be all storyline and no one is going to have to hold back.

An animated series geared for adults might have been scoffed at in the past even though there were a couple that were definitely adult in nature. But this time around He-Man and the group are going to be having at it in a way that will make the demise of a few individuals likely to happen here and there, though it does feel that the lives lost will be subordinates more often than not, those that are seen as important as supporting and background characters, but not much else, at least not right away. Killing off main characters wouldn’t be a good idea just yet since things are about to get started up again, even if it would shock the fans and bring about quite a few questions and a great deal of tension in the story. It already feels as though there will be plenty of tension in the story, so it’s fair to say that keeping as many main characters around, to begin with, is a good idea.

With the all-star cast, the killer story, and plenty of fans that are ready and willing to welcome this series back into the mainstream, it’s already apparent that Masters of the Universe: Revelation, should be one of those programs that we’ll be talking about for a while to come. It will be kind of interesting to see how many new fans there are and how many old fans that have been around for a while and have waited for this moment will show up. When all is said and done it’s hopeful that there will be a lot more to come.

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