Check Out The Trailer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Check Out The Trailer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch

No matter what those at Disney want to say, there are elements of the Republic Commando book series visible in The Bad Batch since the group of clones that were kept apart from the rest of the clones and trained by a Mandalorian that had been hired on for that specific purpose. While the majority of the clones tended to look alike in all ways though, the Bad Batch is obviously a bunch that have certain genetic mutations that set them apart from the others, and apart from that, they’re specialists that aren’t the shock troops that so many others were during their time with the Republic. But from the sound of the trailer, this will come after the Clone Wars, when the clones were no longer of much use to anyone since they had been specifically designed to be used as a tool to further the machinations that Darth Sidious had put into place, and were the weapon he harnessed to eliminate the Jedi. After that, and the cessation of hostilities, there was no further need for the clones, as the Empire would use them as stormtroopers until their accelerated aging kicked in and they became too old to serve any longer and were therefore useless.

The Bad Batch became mercenaries that were no longer tied to the government, and this story is bound to be their tale as it’s told to show just what happened to them and no doubt to show how the clones were eventually tossed to the side since they were tools that had outlived their usefulness. The brutal and unforgivable truth is that the Bad Batch were like many other clones, they were useful up to a point and then were deemed as little more than fodder for an Empire that continued to roll on after deposing the Republic. As one of the more brutal stories this could be something that might have had a serious amount of edge to it, had Star Wars never been given over to Disney’s less than subtle musings. The trailer does make it appear as though this series will be kind of fun to watch and that it will detail the lives of a group of clones that are on the run and are more or less and are specialists that are capable of doing things that others might find difficult to impossible. Following the Clone Wars, quite a bit did happen throughout the galaxy, and the fact is that the galaxy is a big enough place that a lot of things can happen without key figures running into each other all the time. But it would be great to see a cameo now and then just to keep the fans entertained.

Throughout the Clone Wars, the clones were often seen as little more than assets by many individuals, including the Jedi that led them. Quite a few Jedi took the stance of caring about the clones and treating them like regular human beings, but some actually considered that the clones were little more than beings that had been created for one purpose and one purpose only, to fight for the Republic. The fact that there were Jedi who were willing to look at living beings as little more than meat machines is kind of indicative of how far the order had fallen, but whether we’ll get to see much of the Jedi in this show is hard to say since they’re not quite the main point and as such, they should be kind of a lesser concern, unless Order 66 happens to come up, as it usually does. But The Bad Batch does sound as though it’s going to run the group through their paces during the Clone Wars and after, perhaps in flashbacks and memories that will be shown in order to give a reference that will be important later on. Right now it just looks like another fun show that might be able to spark a little more interest among the fans as people have been suffering through a bit of fatigue when it comes to Star Wars.

The Mandalorian was definitely a good bit of deviation from the Jedi and Sith-led franchise that saw the end of the Skywalker era, but even there it was seen that the Jedi and the Force were needed in a way just to offer a bit of a leg up, and the emergence of Master Luke Skywalker was an end to the second season that many people loved. If the Jedi do show up during this show it would no doubt be something nice to see since it would be interesting to see what another Jedi might think of the Bad Batch and whether conflict would ensue, but until we get a chance to watch it we just won’t know. That will change this coming May.

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