Five Life lessons The Show “Young Sheldon” Teaches Us

Five Life lessons The Show “Young Sheldon” Teaches Us

Young Sheldon

If you have ever watched “Young Sheldon”, then you must have heard Sheldon telling Missy that he wants to watch a specific program so he can learn. Although Missy insists that television is not about learning we are in support of Sheldon and the series has loads of life lessons you can learn from; here are five from season 1.

1. Sometimes you have to put your beliefs aside for the sake of those you love

In the pilot episode, Sheldon does not fit in with the rest of his family; besides his high level of intelligence that sees him get to ninth grade with his older brother, he also has an exceptional fear of germs. He, therefore, has to wear mittens when holding hands with his family during prayers, and he explains it is because of his brother’s lack of hygiene. Finally, when his mother asks who will go to church with her, Sheldon’s father and brother give lame excuses. Seeing that his mother does not have anyone willing to accompany her to church, Sheldon offers to go with her, although he does not believe in God. In life, we have to set aside our differences and put a smile on each other’s face. We do not have to agree on everything for us to be friends; sometimes, going out of your way to accommodate another person’s feelings is what ensures our relationships last longer. After all, in every relationship, there has to be a little give and take for it to work.

2. Parents have to teach their children the right place for specific conversations

Sheldon does not mind talking about his manhood while in church. When the pastor preaches about evil thoughts, he says he is only nine years hence does not entertain evil thoughts. However, once he reaches puberty and starts producing semen, then that will be another case. Of course, that makes the woman seated in front of Sheldon and his family look at them with disapproval. When Missy also says she has evil thoughts of kicking Sheldon’s testicles, he asserts that it is impossible. He explains that his testicles have not yet descended and that makes the old woman turn to ask what is wrong with him. Children are always assumed to be innocent; hence they will ask you embarrassing questions in the presence of adults. Unless a parent insists on telling them to hold on until they are in the right place to engage in such conversations, then the children will keep on asking such questions. Besides, learning how to respect a place of worship, even if they do not believe in God, must be instilled in them since they chose to go. Therefore talking while a sermon is ongoing is wrong.

3. People will only like your truth if it favors them

Sheldon likes to tell it like it is, therefore, even during his first day of class, his teacher is excited to introduce him to the class. However, Sheldon, having read the handbook to the letter, raises his hand to report a few students who violated the dress code. His teacher is very appreciative of Sheldon’s keen eye, but the minute he points out that she also is in violation due to her moustache, she goes to complain to the principal saying Sheldon should not be in that school. Interestingly, the rest of the teachers join in her plea to transfer Sheldon because they cannot take his truth anymore. Similarly, everyone likes to hear good things about them; your spouse will appreciate you being at home when you are on leave saying how much of a help around the house you are. However, if they say that you being home too much is causing the power bill to go up because you always turn on the air conditioning unit, then you will not take it too kindly even if it is the truth.

4. A mother’s love runs deep

In the first episode of season 1, Sheldon’s mother wants her son to be comfortable in his bowtie; thus, she helps him search for it. However, when they get to school, she realizes he might be made fun of, so she finds a way to ensure that he removes it. In the second episode, Sheldon sits alone during lunch, and his mother is so sad that she wants to go and sit with him, but Sheldon’s father holds her back saying she might embarrass him further. They say that a mother’s love is not only unconditional but the purest form of love. Regardless of how tough things are between you and your mother, she will always check up on you. When you are in a hospital bed in need of a transplant, she is most likely the first to see if she can donate her organs to you because no matter how old you are, you will always be her baby. Such love is evident in a story published by DoYouRemenber? about a 98-year-old woman who moved into a senior home to take care of her 80-year-old son.

5. No one is useless

Although Sheldon is the smartest one in the family, Missy also reveals she has the brains. When Sheldon is struggling to make friends and has to resort to Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” he is not successful. Therefore during bedtime, he rereads the book thus Missy wondering why. She tells him there is no need to go through it again, searching for whatever he had missed; he can look for those who had read it since they were also desperate to make friends. Later on in the car, Sheldon’ smother is shocked that Missy thought of that to help Sheldon and Sheldon agrees he was also surprised. Just because you do not have the same abilities as someone else does not mean that your gifts are useless. You can also help those who are better than you whenever they are stuck with the little that you know.

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