Bosch Is Getting a Spinoff Series: What We Know So Far

Bosch Is Getting a Spinoff Series: What We Know So Far

Bosch Is Getting a Spinoff Series: What We Know So Far

Right now all that’s known about the upcoming Bosch spinoff is that it will feature Titus Welliver, Mimi Rogers, and Madison Lintz, which is bound to be good news for fans of the show. What story it will follow is unknown at this time, however, though it’s fair to say that if people stuck by Bosch for this long that they’ll be willing to tune in and see what the spinoff will be offering. Out of so many other police shows it’s often quite easy to think that one among the many that’s coming up on or has completed its final season won’t be missed by a lot of people since they’ll jump onto the next show and invest themselves just as much. Other than who’s going to be in the spinoff and the fact that there even is one there’s not a lot left to tell at the moment since things have yet to really get going. Once they do however it’s bound to happen that we’ll have more to tell. Right now it’s simply a chance for those that have been selected to come back to grab on and do their best to make sure that the spinoff is going to be something that will keep the fans happy after having invested in the main show for so long.

Too many shows have failed to keep the fanbase happy once they’ve gone to spinoffs, though many diehard fans will stick around for a long while simply because they want to believe that things will eventually get better. Titus Welliver has been making quite the name for himself over the past couple of decades as he’s been featured in a few different shows and movies over the course of his career, becoming someone that might not always be at the forefront but is most definitely a person that can be depended on to deliver a convincing performance that will get people to believe in his character. The fun thing about this guy is that he can play a protagonist or an antagonist and be equally convincing, but his antagonist roles have been great since he really does manage to get the audience to hate him in a very visceral manner that comes straight from the bowels and exits through the heart. Keep in mind this is the guy that played one of the more despicable villains on Sons of Anarchy until karma bit him squarely on the backside and left him dead in the dirt at the hands of SAMCRO. He even had a brief role in The Mandalorian that wasn’t that extensive but was still something that was fun to see since it means that he’s given the kind of regard that makes it possible to put him just about anywhere.

One other thing about a spinoff that has to do with the quality of it is the fact that without the entire cast coming back it’s going to need other supporting characters and extras to lean on, but this is fairly standard and shouldn’t be much of an issue. It’s about as worrisome as picking out the cast for any new show, but with the added idea that the existing cast members and the incoming cast will have to mesh in a way that will make sense for the overall story. Again, this doesn’t sound like a big issue, but it will be something to watch for since as with any spinoff there’s bound to be an adjustment period that the cast will need to undergo to make sure everything is working correctly and that the right people will be picked for the right roles. It’s not above a director or producer to air a pilot and then yank an actor or replace them for one reason or another without any warning. It could be that it might happen here, or everything could go ahead without any huge issue. There’s a lot that the fans don’t know about that goes on behind the scenes and it’s likely that things will continue to change all the way up to the release date simply because that’s the nature of the business. Right now it’s likely that people will be happy enough to hear that Bosch will be returning and that there will be other cases to take on as the show continues.

Eventually Bosch will need to simply retire since the show will run its course no doubt and the actors will need to move on to something else. Until then the fans will be able to wonder just what’s going to happen next and will no doubt continue to make theories and guesses as to what Bosch and the rest of the cast will have to deal with when the spinoff arrives. It will be interesting no doubt.

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