Awkward Preview: What Happened with Jenna and Matty?

Awkward Preview: What Happened with Jenna and Matty?


The second half of Awkward‘s fifth and final season comes back tomorrow night on MTV after a winter hiatus. As the episode title “I’m the Kind of Girl Who Found Her Voice in College” hints, we’re picking up with Jenna Hamilton and her friends a full year after high school graduation.

Jenna and Matty unfortunately were on rocky ground when we last left them because they were going to different schools across the country from each other: Matty to Berkeley in northern California and Jenna to Maine. Their relationship is the epitome of on-again, off-again so they’re never completely done. Given this is the final ten episode stretch of the series, we should expect even more ups and downs with “Jatty” as their shipper fans affectionately call them.

In this clip from the new episode, Jenna’s not so surprised to discover her family completely forgot she was coming home from college. It’s bad enough she has to share her old room with her baby sister now, but she also didn’t get the warm welcome reception she might have secretly hoped for from her parents.

So that also catches us up to speed with Lissa, who’s been working as Baby Hamilton’s nanny. I don’t believe the baby’s name is revealed yet, but there is an M decoration in the newly repainted bedroom the girls now share. Knowing Kevin and especially Lacey to be slightly eccentric, I bet the baby has a unique name.

In the trailer for season 5B, we see even more of Jenna’s friends. Her best friend Tamara and her high nemesis Sadie both went to school in New York and appear to be actual friends now. I never would have expected to see that! Jake’s been enjoying his gap year, or so it would seem. Staying in his hometown with most of his friends away at college could not have been the easiest time for him.

With everyone returning home to Palos Hills for the summer, it’ll be fun to see how all the friends have changed. Even better, it’ll be interesting to see the new people introduced, like Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls) as Jenna’s co-worker at her summer internship.

For a few more clips of the new season, check out these videos of the cast members giving advice to their own characters.

Ashley Rickards to Jenna:

Beau Mirchoff to Matty:

Greer Grammar and Brett Davern to Lissa and Jake:

Catch the new episode tomorrow night, Tuesday at 10PM on MTV!

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