The Middle Season 7 Episode 9 Review: “The Convention”

The Middle

Frankie and Mike had a little too much fun on The Middle this week.  Actually, all the Hecks tried something new, and most of them learned their lessons the hard way.

Since her dentist office was bought out by a big name company, Frankie was forced to attend a convention alongside Dr. Goodwin (Jack McBrayer) in Des Moines.  She figured she’d take Mike along too, if only for him to switch things up in life and watch TV in a different location for a change.  The convention was run by Cheryl Hines’ character, who turns out to be more of a motivational speaker than anything.  Her talks get the audience out of their chairs and up on stage dancing.  It was a miracle to see her even break through to Frankie.  She was in such a good mood that every night, her and Mike would live it up in their hotel room.  We’re talking room service, pay-per-view movies, dry cleaning, and mini bar raids.  This is where I thought even Frankie and Mike were uncharacteristically stupid.  “All expenses paid” generally means all necessary expenses paid.  Meaning, just the room cost for those three nights.  So on their last morning, as they were packing all the bathrobes and toiletries into their suitcases, Frankie really should not have been surprised to get the bill slipped under the door.  It’s just their luck, after all.  Instead of trying to fight it and embarrassing herself in front of her new boss, she should’ve kept her mouth shut and been miserable with Mike.  

Sue experienced a typical college weekend for the first time ever after Axl decided he was going to crash with her.  At first, this brother-sister roommate idea sounded like a disaster, and it partially was, considering the late night parties caused Sue to sleep through an exam.  Axl got her through it, and now they have a few more fun memories together.  He’s already moving on to someone else’s couch, but I like that they have an actual established friendship now.

With everyone else busy, this left Brick home.  He may as well have been left home alone, since Grandpa Big Mike wasn’t exactly the babysitter in this scenario.  It’s a wonder Big Mike still lives alone normally, as he seemed to really benefit from Brick caring for him all weekend.  Rusty probably still lives with him, but I highly doubt he cares for his dad the same way his 14-year-old nephew does.  This was all coming from the same Brick who couldn’t find his way home from the library another time.  Now he’s going food shopping and cooking scrambled eggs for himself and his grandpa for dinner!  

What did you enjoy the most from The Middle this week?  

[Photo credit: Michael Ansell/ABC]

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