6 Best Non-Stop Action Movies Like ‘Furiosa’

When it comes to non-stop action movies, George Miller has cemented his status as one of the best directors for it with Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. In 2015, he breathed fresh life into his Mad Max universe with Mad Max: Fury Road, which was a pulse-pounding action movie that doesn’t takes its foot off the accelerator once. However, pulling off a non-stop action movie is no easy feat – a perfect balance of action and pacing is needed to move the story along seamlessly.

With Furiosa enthralling audiences and critics with its relentless action, there are many movies in a similar vein to watch next. Of course, Mad Max: Fury Road is the closest movie in tone to watch if you enjoyed Furiosa. However, there are many more movies you can add to your watchlist. So, here are 6 of the best non-stop action movies like Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

6. Shoot ‘Em Up (2007)

Shoot ‘Em Up is a frenetic and unapologetically over-the-top action movie that defies convention with its non-stop barrage of gunplay, stunts, and dark humor. The film follows the story of Smith (Clive Owen), a lone wolf with a penchant for gunplay and a mysterious past, who becomes embroiled in a battle to protect a baby from the clutches of a ruthless gang of mercenaries. As the body count rises, Smith finds himself in a series of increasingly absurd and violent situations, all while trading winks and banter with his adversaries. Director Michael Davis‘s distinctive style, which blends graphic novel-inspired visuals with irreverent humor and a healthy dose of sarcasm, makes Shoot ‘Em Up a true original. With its breakneck pace, witty one-liners, and gleefully exploitative tone, the film is a love letter to the exploitation genre, reveling in its own ridiculousness and delivering a thrilling ride that’s equal parts thrilling and hilarious.

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5. Hardcore Henry (2015)

Non-stop Action Movies: Hardcore Henry (2015)

Hardcore Henry is a groundbreaking and adrenaline-fueled action movie that puts the viewer in the midst of the chaos, literally. Shot entirely in first-person point of view, the film follows the story of Henry, a cyborg who wakes up with no memory of his past and must navigate a dystopian world filled with ruthless mercenaries, corrupt government agents, and deadly assassins. As Henry fights to survive and uncover his true identity, the film’s non-stop action sequences are both stunning and disorienting, with the camera simulating Henry’s POV as he dodges bullets, kicks bad guys, and blasts his way through hordes of enemies. With its innovative camerawork and over-the-top action, Hardcore Henry stands out as one of the most original and thrilling action movies in recent years. The film’s willingness to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable on screen, combined with its sheer energy and enthusiasm, makes it a truly unforgettable experience.

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4. The Raid (2011)

Non-Stop Action Movies: The Raid (2011)

The Raid is a non-stop action movie that has earned its place as one of the greatest of all time. Directed by Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans, the film follows Rama (Iko Uwais), a young Indonesian SWAT team member who is tasked with infiltrating a notorious crime lord’s high-rise building to capture him. However, things quickly go awry as Rama finds himself trapped in a labyrinthine tower filled with ruthless gangsters and mercenaries, and he must use his skills and determination to survive. The film’s fight choreography, led by Uwais and Yayan Ruhian, showcases the traditional Indonesian martial art of pencak silat in stunning fashion, with intricate and brutal sequences that are both visually stunning and deeply intense. With its non-stop action, relentless pacing, and unyielding intensity, The Raid is a true masterclass in action filmmaking, and its influence can be seen in many films and TV shows that have followed in its wake.

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3. Extraction (2020)

Chris Hemsworth has solidified his status as one of the next big action stars with his electrifying performance as Tyler Rake in the Netflix original film Extraction. Released in 2020, the movie took the action genre to new heights with its non-stop, adrenaline-fueled sequences and groundbreaking long takes. One of the most notable shots is a single, 12-minute take that follows Rake as he navigates a chaotic market, dodging bullets and taking down bad guys in a thrilling display of physicality and precision. Hemsworth’s commitment to his character’s physicality and intensity brings a level of authenticity to the film’s action sequences, making him a compelling and believable protagonist.

With Extraction, Hemsworth has proven himself capable of delivering high-octane action and emotional depth, cementing his status as a leading man in the action genre. Off the glaring success of the movie, Extraction II was released in 2023, boasting a 21-minute long action scene. Extraction III is currently in the works.

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2. The John Wick Franchise (2014-2023)

Keanu Reeves in John Wick (2014)

The John Wick franchise has been a masterclass in escalating action, with each installment pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on screen. Keanu Reeves‘ titular character has become synonymous with high-octane violence, and his word count has decreased dramatically with each new film, while his kill count has skyrocketed. The series has honed its precision and flair, showcasing a dizzying array of gunplay, hand-to-hand combat, and daring stunts. The result is a series that has become not only one of the most revered revenge movies of all time, but also one of the most acclaimed action movie series of all time. With each new installment, the stakes have been raised, the action has been amplified, and the franchise has continued to defy expectations.

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1. Apocalypto (2006)

Much like Furiosa, Mel Gibson‘s Apocalypto is a movie that kicks off at relentless ferocity and never wavers until the end of the picture. Apocalypto is a visceral action epic that tells the story of Jaguar Paw, a Mayan hunter who must fight for survival in the midst of the Mayan civilization’s downfall. The film is a non-stop adrenaline rush, with Gibson’s direction expertly weaving together stunning action sequences, heart-pumping suspense, and tender emotional moments. The movie’s greatest achievement is its ability to balance the brutality of the Mayan culture with a deep sense of humanity, making it a film that is both thrilling and emotionally resonant.

Despite its many strengths, Apocalypto has largely flown under the radar in terms of legacy, overshadowed by the controversy surrounding Gibson’s personal life at the time of the film’s release. Gibson’s tumultuous relationships and anti-Semitic remarks sparked widespread backlash, causing many to overlook the film’s many merits. However, Apocalypto remains a testament to Gibson’s skill as a director and his ability to craft a thrilling and emotionally resonant film that is equal parts action and heart. Want to read more about Mel Gibson? Here are 5 of his best movies.

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