The Three Musketeers Looks Amazing

The Three Musketeers Looks Amazing
The Three Musketeers Looks Amazing

Credit: The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan

Sometimes the greatest stories endure long enough to finally get the kind of representation they really need, but the wait is a bit rough to weather since in the meantime, fans have to deal with several versions that might not be up to par. The Three Musketeers is a story that’s been told over and over in a number of different ways, but while some versions have been enjoyable, several have gone to such great lengths to impress the audience that they’ve slipped over the top and become fairly nonsensical as filmmakers have done whatever they could to make certain that they told the story in the best possible manner. This upcoming version appears to be one of those that will wow the audience but could possibly tell the story in a way that Alexandre Dumas would truly agree with. Of course, that’s a lot of expectation to put on any movie, but it does feel accurate, at least since not only is the movie going to be filmed with the actual story in mind and not a great number of tropes that people would love to see. In all fairness, fiction is something that is allowed to stretch, bend, and be interpreted in many different ways, but there are moments when a story needs to be adapted in a way that clings to the original tale if only to give some credence to the author who penned it. 

The movie will be released in two parts in 2023. 

This is kind of interesting to note since it implies that there’s going to be a lot of detail put into the two movies and plenty of stories that will unfold for the viewing delight of those who love this old tale. In the past, trying to press as much as possible into this type of movie has failed horribly and has often forced movies to rely heavily on the action and drama that this story comes with. Two movies give the audience a better chance to connect with the characters on a more meaningful level and to possibly allow certain events to be depicted so that the tale of the Musketeers can be revealed in a manner that will cater to the imagination and amazement of the audience. 

Using French actors for several of the main roles feels like a great idea. 

Let’s be honest and say that it’s not always possible to find the best actors for various roles in a movie, meaning that if a certain nationality, race, or even body type is needed for a role, it might not be possible to find someone that fits the bill. But utilizing French-speaking and French actors is a great idea for this story since not only does it pay respect to the original tale, but it makes a great deal of sense given where the story takes place. Some folks might want to state that this doesn’t matter in the long run, and they’re not entirely wrong since obtaining the best actor for the role is one of the main points of casting in a movie, but being able to find those who exemplify the roles and can make them work would be a director’s dream come true. 

The Three Musketeers Looks Amazing

Credit: The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan

Most fans should realize that this story has been told many times in several different ways. 

It could easily be said that being made and remade in so many different ways means that this is a worthwhile story that has captured the attention of many people throughout the years. What’s not as easy to say is that every version has been just as enjoyable as the last since there have been a few Musketeer movies that are so cringe-worthy that one had to wonder why in the world it was ever allowed to happen. But given the fact that each person that has made such a movie had the plan to retell, the classic story is easy to forgive, just as the movies are easy to forget after a while. Everyone has their own idea of how the story should go to be fair. 

Just so people are clear, yes, the Musketeers did exist in a historical context. 

This question tends to come up each and every time a movie is made that deals with actual history, and yes, it’s true that the Musketeers did exist and were highly skilled fighters that earned their distinction. As to the story told by Dumas, the author did create a fantastical tale that was not pure fiction but also took advantage of the era in which he lived and created a fictional tale using real characters and events to entertain the masses. So yes, some of it was real, but overall the story is an imaginative look at the world in which Dumas was but another observer. 

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