Movies That Could Have Been Way Better if They Were Only Shorter

I realize I might be crucified for even speaking the words about these films, but a few of them could be made even better by shortening them up. Sometimes the vision of a director does not allow for a lot of cuts to occur within a movie and thus the details are allowed to expand until the film becomes a bit long and even a little overplayed. If the cutting room floor was a little more littered with scenes that either did not move the film forward or were not as essential it might be that some of these films would be easier to watch and even make just a tad more sense in certain areas.

Just remember, be reasonable if you see your favorite movie on the list.

5. Meet Joe Black

There is a lot, A LOT, of imagery in this film. It’s understandable considering that Death has decided to take a vacation and use the body of a recently-man to do it. But in his efforts to reconcile his need to take Anthony Hopkins’ character to the next place there is a great deal of filler material that is used that could be cut out to make way for the main points of the film. If nothing else it would make this movie flow just a little better without so much stop and go.

4. Dances With Wolves

No one’s saying these movies are bad, or even so-so. They’re just a little on the long side and they could be shortened incrementally and still retain the same meaning and emotions that made people fall in love with them. For instance, Dances With Wolves could shave a few minutes here and there off of each scene instead of prolonging each and every encounter and be completely fine. The imagery is intense and even inspiring, but sometimes it seems like the moment is held for just a little too long.

3. King Kong

I have to wonder if a dramatic action flick really needs the wealth of comedy that Jack Black brings to the set. He’s a great addition, so is Adrian Brody, but there are times when the comedy isn’t fully needed. Plus, the narrative by the young man Jimmy is something that could be cut down to a few lines instead of a monologue and still retain the ominous feeling that the director was going for. Small things to increase the draw of a big movie.

2. Titanic

Okay, put away your pitchforks and torches. This movie was fantastic and more to the point it was well written and acted out in a masterful way that left it as one of the timeless classics. Now that I’ve said that, there are a few moments that kind of drag on that could be left out and keep all the wonder and intense drama that made this film so great. It would have to be done in a very careful and mindful manner, but Titanic could be a much shorter film and still work on so many levels.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

We all get the fact that Jordan Belfort was kind of a sleazeball in his earlier years, and we get that he did a lot of things that Hollywood likes to glamorize as the good life. But do we have to see that much of it? Personally I don’t believe that one of the opening scenes in which DiCaprio is blowing something white and powdery into a hooker’s rear is all that necessary. We get the debauchery and the lifestyle, it doesn’t need to be rammed down our throats to make this movie work. It was an interesting film though.

So take your jabs if you want now but keep in mind that these films were great in their own right. They could just be shortened a little and still keep their edge.


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