Love Is Blind Season 3: Who Is Bartise Bowden?

Bartise Bowden was the supervillain of Love Is Blind season 3. Yet, throughout the season’s run, Bowden had no problem being depicted as the bad guy of the season. He had a reputation that preceded him during and after the show. But if there’s one good thing bad publicity can bring, it’s fame!

Bowden is famous (or infamous) for his short time on reality TV. His love triangle and wedding day drama only helped make things worse. Whatever the opinion audiences had/have of him, there’s much more to him than the 15 episodes of Love Is Blind season 3. Here’s more on the TV star Bartise Bowden.

Bartise Bowden Is A Cancer

Bartise Bowden

Bartise Bowden’s zodiac sign is Cancer. He was born on July 16, 1995, in Dallas, Texas. He was born to Penny and Robert Bowden. The zodiac sign is a water sign represented by a crab symbol. Cancers have a personality that makes it easy to exist in a material and emotional realm. Although gentle and compassionate, Cancers can also be extremely self-protective. Although there’s no excuse for his behavior on the show, generally, Bowden is a classic Cancer.

He Has A Different Birth Name

Bartise Bowden at his sister's wedding

Bowden was named Robert Bartise Bowden when he was born. He was named after his father, Robert. His middle name, Bartise, was the name of his father’s best friend. After the death of his father’s friend, the reality star was always referred to as Bartise. This was done to honor the legacy of the real Bartise and keep his memory close.

Bartise Bowden’s Career Qualification

Bartise Bowden Senior Analyst

Bartise Bowden was a successful Senior Analyst before becoming a contestant in Love Is Blind. Bowden obtained his Masters in Accounting from the University of Texas. After his Masters, Bowden worked as an Accounting Tutor before securing a job as an Audit Associate. Afterward, he became a Senior Analyst.

He Shares A Close Bond With His Family

Bartise Bowden, sister, and parents

Bartise Bowden may have come off as a narcissistic, self-absorbed person on Love Is Blind, but away from the cameras, he has shown he’s lovable. He has a close-knit relationship with his parents and sister. His sister, Mali, got married in July 2023. Bowden was emotional seeing his sister getting married.

He’s a Fitness Enthusiast

Bartise Bowden as a fitness enthusiast

Bartise Bowden’s first impression shows he’s a fitness enthusiast. This stays true as the reality star has an exercise regimen he sticks with. Bowden’s Instagram page is filled with pictures and videos from his workout sessions.

Bartise Bowden’s Love Triangle In Love Is Blind

Bartise Bowden proposing to Nancy Rodriguez

Love Is Blind format allows 30 people (15 men and women) to find love without seeing their partners. Placed in two different purpose-built pods, potential couples can interact on a date without knowing what the partner looks like. Bartise Bowden’s controversies began when he fell in love with two female contestants.

He felt a connection with Raven Ross, a Pilates Instructor, during the pods’ dating experience. At the same time, Bowden fell in love with Nancy Rodriguez, speech pathologist & real estate investor. He chose to propose to Nancy when he discovered she was exercising during the period he was sharing a personal story with her. Bowden shocked fans when he admitted to still being attracted to Raven while with Nancy. Although Nancy informed him she would say “No” to him at the altar, she changed her mind within the last two weeks of the show. In a turn of events, Bowden did not say “I Do” at the altar. His treatment of Nancy throughout the season’s run put him at odds with the show’s audience.

Love Is Blind Isn’t The Only Reality TV Show He’s Been On

Bartise Bowden in Perfect Match

Love Is Blind may have been Bartise Bowden’s gateway to reality TV and stardom, but it sure wasn’t his last. He was also a contestant on another Netflix reality dating series Perfect Match. The series premiered on February 13, 2023. Although Bowden wasn’t among the season’s winners, he was among the finalists.

Bartise Bowden Is Now A Father

Bartise Bowden and son Hayden

Although he left Love Is Blind without finding a wife, Bartise Bowden counts his wins and blessings in welcoming his son, Hayden. He never revealed who Hayden’s mother is but is focused on being a great dad to him. While he hopes to find a wife someday, Bartise Bowden is currently dating Cait Vanderberry, whom the reality star revealed on his 28th birthday Instagram reel.

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