10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laura High

When Laura High first began making comedy, she didn’t know what to expect. She may have had some dreams and some hopes about what she could do with her comedy, but did she know she’d end up on Broadway, on television, or working as a social media content creator? We don’t know, but we do know a few things, and here’s what we know.

1. She is a Comedian

Her number one focus in life is her comedy. She’s a comedian, and she loves it. She’s a funny woman, and she knows how to make her audience laugh. It’s all about timing and about how you deliver the punchline, and she’s made it clear to all of us that she is a star.

2. She is a New Yorker

She’s a New Yorker at heart. She loves the city. Of course, those who live there tend to love the city. There is so much to love from the different people to the different neighborhoods to the fact that you can find virtually anything you’ve ever wanted in just one place. It’s a lot to live with, and she’s doing it well and using that in her comedic acts.

3. She is Educated

She’s a woman who went to college. She knew that high school would not be the end of her education. She enrolled in courses at Nazareth College. She now has a bachelor of arts degree in theater performance. By the way, she is not just a comedian. She’s also an actor, and she’s been able to work on the stage and in several television shows and more. She’s talented across the board.

4. She is a Viral TikTok Star

Something else that she has going for her is her online presence. She’s created an online TikTok account, which is huge with the younger crowd, and she’s gone viral more than once. She’s got a large following, and it is something that she has not taken for granted. She knows that she has to find an audience where she can to grow her following and to make sure she can do what she needs to do with her career. She’s killing it.

5. She is Her Own One Man Show

She does all of her own work for herself. She writes her work, she edits it, she creates it, and she does it all. She doesn’t hire out or outsource anything she is doing as a comedian or as a content creator on the internet. It’s a lot of work, but she is certainly proving to the world that she is up for the challenge.

6. She’s an Advocate

When someone is conceived via a donor – whether it is a donor egg, donor sperm, or both, she is the one advocating for the rights of those people. With the release of the Netflix show called “Our Father,” in which a well-known fertility specialist in Indianapolis spent decades replacing donor sperm – even sperm from the husbands of women who needed a little help getting pregnant – with his own (he so far has 95 kids of his own walking around and there are likely to be many, many more), the world is focused on donor-conceived people’s rights…and they should. She’s making it happen.

7. She is on Broadway

She’s currently starring in a Broadway show called ‘The Carolines,’ and she is excited about all it entails. She’s worked hard to make this happen, and she’s put in the work. No one gets to work on Broadway without putting in the work.

8. She’s Very Open

There is very little she will not discuss, including her personal life. She’s not a very private woman, but many comedians are not. They share a lot of everything, and many things are often totally on the table. We aren’t saying we know everything about her or that she overshares, but there does seem to be very little she’s not willing to share.

9. She Shares Everything on Social Media

Her TikTok is not very niche. She discusses a little bit of everything from divorce to anxiety to everything in between. There is no real topic of conversation you will find her focused on, but maybe that is her topic. Perhaps she’s just a woman who likes to keep the door open to discuss anything. Conversation and life might be her actual topics.

10. Her Well-Known Work

While she might not be a household name to most, she is well-known by those who watched her biggest roles. She’s known for her role in a project called “Jake’s Unemployment Summer,” as well as “The 2016 Winter Laughs,” and her fans are well-versed in her comedy. She is, after all, the kind of talent that will really get bigger each time she takes on a new project, and she will be a household name before it’s all said and done. She’s that good.

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