10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natalie Noel

When Natalie Noel began posting to social media, she didn’t know she’d end up with such a large following on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, but she’s living her influencer dream. She has millions of people checking out her daily life on a regular basis to see what she’s wearing, where she is going, and how she is doing, and she’s capitalizing off of that to earn a living. She’s doing things her own way, and she knows that she owes the world nothing, but she also appreciates that her followers want to see what she has to share and what she has to offer. Her life is not like anyone else’s life, and that is all right. For now, she’s simply posting quick snapshots and she is doing things her own way. It’s healthy for her, and she is happy.

1. She’s an Influencer

She is, like so many other young women these days, famous for sharing her life with the world online. She is a famous Instagram influencer and TikTok star, and she’s juggling millions of followers on both platforms – but she is not complaining about it.

2. She is from Illinois

She grew up in the Midwest, and she has fond memories of her childhood in a little town in Illinois called Vernon Hills. She didn’t move from her childhood hometown until it was time to attend college, and that is when she moved to Lake Forest, which is also in Illinois. She was a student at Lake Forest College.

3. She is Young

She was born in the 90s. She was born on December 1, 1996, which means she will celebrate her 26th birthday in 2022. She’s still relatively young, but she’s a little older than so many influencers who are currently living their best lives on the Instagram and TikTok platforms.

4. She is a Sorority Sister

She was a huge part of the sorority life in college, and she loves to talk about it. She belongs to the Alpha Phi house, and she is proud of it. She will always be a sister, and she is quick to mention it and to talk about it with pride.

5. She Has Been an Assistant

Before she was a famous influencer in her own right, she worked as an assistant for another one. She knew the way to get into the spotlight was to meet the right people – so she did. She met YouTube star David Dobrik and became his assistant. She did a good job, and now she is famous.

6. She’s a Model

One thing that many people are surprised to learn about her is that she’s a model. She was twice featured in one of the biggest modeling magazines in the world – Sports Illustrated. Not only that, she was featured in the famous swimsuit issues.

7. She is Not Worried About Perfect Shots

While many influencers with a large following on Instagram worry about a perfect feed, she does not. She worries only about getting a shot that makes her happy and makes her feel as if she is being her authentic self. She’s not worried about anyone’s opinions.

8. She is Sometimes Affected

She’s not perfect, and she knows that she sometimes reads too much into the things people are saying and doing. She knows that those who are man on the internet are not at all important, but she also knows that it’s sometimes difficult to put your life into a place where those things don’t matter. For instance, she’s sometimes allowed it to get to her despite the fact that she knows better.

9. She’s Not Afraid to Take a Break

She does focus a lot on her own mental health by focusing on taking breaks. Even though social media is now her job, she is a woman who knows that she has to take a break now and again. She has to stop opening the apps, stop scrolling, and stop comparing herself to others. She makes taking breaks a priority anytime she’s feeling anything less than ideal, and it’s worked to her benefit thus far.

10. She Loves Good Self-Care

Specifically, she is a fan of things such as hot yoga and taking care of her skin. You will find her doing both on a regular basis, and she makes these things a priority because they make her feel good. It’s good to prioritize what makes you feel good, and she’s been good about this her entire life. She is someone we should all take that advice from.

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