10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer McDaniel

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer McDaniel

There was a time when Hulk Hogan was one of the most celebrated celebrities in the world. He was married to his wife, they had two kids, he had a successful run as one of the most famous athletes in the world, they had a successful family reality show, and everyone loved this family. That’s when things started to go awry for the former athlete. His son was in major trouble, his daughter was making questionable decisions, and he and his wife divorced. He remarried another woman, and her name is Jennifer McDaniels. She has the honor of calling herself Hulk Hogan’s second wife, and now she has the honor of calling herself his second ex-wife, too. She and her husband recently announced they’d divorced, and now her name is everywhere. Who is she? Let’s find out.

1. He Filed For Divorce

From what we can find online, it appears that Hogan is the one who initiated their divorce. He filed paperwork in October of 2021, and McDaniels responded to the paperwork the same day it was filed. It seems their divorce was quick and painless.

2. She Has a Lump Sum

Following the dissolution of their marriage, it appears Jennifer McDaniels earned a lump sum cash payment from her ex-husband, though there is no recorded amount of how much money she got when their divorce was finalized. She also got a new car from Hogan as part of their settlement, and everything was quick and easy.

3. She’s Not Allowed to Discuss

One thing that both she and her ex-husband agreed upon is a non-disparagement clause. This means that neither party is permitted to discuss any aspect of their marriage, their divorce, or their personal relationship with anyone unless the other first agrees to issue their own permission. His being able to confirm that they were divorced is something that she had to agree upon if we understand this legal clause correctly.

4. They were Married Over a Decade

If you don’t follow along with this pro athlete and his now ex-wife, you might not realize that their marriage was a long one. They were married in 2010 along the water at his Clearwater home where he’s lived for a long time.

5. She Began Dating Hogan Before His Divorce

It’s been a while, but there is some speculation that their relationship began before he and his wife were no longer together. They filmed their famous reality show “Hogan Knows Best,” until 2007, and there are reports that he and his second wife began their relationship in 2008. He and his former wife were not officially divorced – he and his wife of 26 years, that is – until 2009. No one knows if this is true, however.

6. She’s a Fitness Buff

Something that’s always been important to her is her personal health. She’s always been into working out and taking care of herself, and it shows. She looks amazing, and she continues to take care of herself even as she ages and her life changes dramatically in the wake of her divorce.

7. She’s a Makeup Artist

Her chosen career path is a professional makeup artist. We don’t know where she works, if she even still works, or what she does for a living at this moment in time, but her online profiles all list her as a professional makeup artist.

8. She is in Her 40s

From what we can find online, she was born at some point in 1974, which means she’s around the age of 47-48. This makes her a solid 20 years younger than her ex-husband, and only about a decade older than her former stepchildren. She is much younger, but it did seem to work well for these two for well over a decade of their lives.

9. Her Wedding Day Was Not Ideal

She married her ex-husband at his Clearwater, Florida, mansion, and they did so in the yard along the water. However, the police were called in to visit on their wedding day thanks to photographers trying to sneak in and obtain photos of the wedding. Hogan’s bodyguards were there to take care of things, but the entire situation escalated quickly and there was a fight. The police were called, and we are left with the distinct feeling that this is not how she envisioned her perfect wedding day.

10. She’s Inherently Private

Here is a woman who does not do much in terms of sharing her personal life. She doesn’t discuss her life, her marriage, her divorce, or anything else. She doesn’t appear to care much about fame, which goes against the narrative the press has about her being a gold digger.

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