A Hulk Hogan Biopic For Chris Hemsworth is In the Works

A Hulk Hogan Biopic For Chris Hemsworth is In the Works

A Hulk Hogan Biopic For Chris Hemsworth is In the Works

It probably doesn’t come as any surprise that a Hulk Hogan biopic is still in the works since the idea has been around for a little while, with Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) acting as a consultant. Some might call that an issue since it’s likely that Hulk might want to show his life in the best light possible, but there’s also few better to tell the story than the man who’s lived it. As a lot of people know and as Neeraj Chand of MovieWeb has pointed out, Hogan’s professional and personal life has often been marred by controversy in the past. From his meteoric rise in the WWF, eventually the WWE, to his time as Hollywood Hogan in the WCW he’s been a huge draw for the world of professional wrestling and whether face or heel he’s always had a legion of fans behind him. The downside though is that throughout his career Hogan has been touted as a good, upstanding individual when in truth he’s been someone that a lot of folks have taken issue with for various reasons. At this time it sounds as though Chris Hemsworth, who will be starring in the biopic about Hogan, hasn’t really read the script, but it’s fair to say that once things get started we might see a very different face of Hogan than many people are used to.

Throughout his long and very storied career Hogan has been the “American hero” that a lot of fans have looked up to and idolized since he was one of the biggest faces on the show and was almost always the guy that stood up against injustice of any type and would take on the bad guy because it was the right thing to do. Behind the scenes however it was revealed after a while that Hogan was less of a good guy and more of a grandstanding prima donna at times  that didn’t want to put certain wrestlers over and was all about what he could get for himself. It’s the business to be fair, wrestlers are often out to get what glory they can in the short time that’s given to them to make a mark, and many of those that get a taste of glory don’t want to let it go so easily. Hogan was seen to clash with many wrestlers in his time both in and out of the ring since the man’s ego is just about as big as his legend, and has been fairly destructive over the years when it comes to the amount of influence he hold over the business. If there’s one thing that Hemsworth is going to have to pick up on when playing the Hulkster it’s that undeniable ability to switch from being the public face to being the heel behind the scenes as Hogan has been described in the past.

It’s not for certain just when this biopic will come out, for the same reasons obviously as anything else since the studio needs to open so people can get to work, but this could be one of Hemsworth’s biggest challenges to date largely because Hogan has been a problematic character for a while. However if the idea is to focus on his time before and leading into the WWE it could be that we’ll only get to see a beginning to the controversies and not the whole story, since throughout his run in one company or another Hogan has definitely managed to collect a fistful of stories that could be told by other wrestlers and refuted by those that are within his inner circle. Matthew Byrd of The Sportster has his own opinion on the matter. Having worked with so many talented individuals in his time it’s not hard to think that Hogan has managed to befriend some and alienate others given that his ego has at times been seen as rather massive. How much of that is bound to come out in a biopic however is up for debate since it’s likely that few people really want to tarnish the idea of Hulk Hogan that’s been built up for so long. Even during his time as Hollywood Hogan, when he was the leader of the NWO, it was often seen that Hogan was still a favorite among many fans. Shining a light on the controversies that have gone on behind the scenes might be easily shrugged off as mere entertainment for a lot of people, but it’s still bound to raise a few questions that some will gladly investigate a bit further.

As far as Hemsworth’s career is concerned this is another move forward since a lot of what he’s done outside of his role in the MCU hasn’t really been looked on as favorably. This role could easily put him back in the good graces of the fans, no matter what the outcome of the movie is.

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