Diving into the Life of Sarah McSweeney: 10 Intriguing Facts

Diving into the Life of Sarah McSweeney: 10 Intriguing Facts

Diving into the Life of Sarah McSweeney: 10 Intriguing Facts

When someone close to you steps into the limelight of reality TV, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll be drawn into the whirlwind as well. This is precisely what happened to Sarah McSweeney, sister of Leah McSweeney, a cast member on the Real Housewives of New York. Although not an official cast member, Sarah was recently introduced to the show’s cast and fans during a trip to Rhode Island. As expected, the trip took an unexpected turn, and Sarah McSweeney found herself in the midst of reality TV fame. Here are 10 fascinating facts about Sarah McSweeney that you probably didn’t know.

1. Motherhood is Her Top Priority

There are many ways to describe Sarah McSweeney, but being a mother is undoubtedly the most significant aspect of her life. Sarah is the proud mom of an adorable little girl named Cecilia, affectionately called CiCi. Cecilia’s father is actor Russell Steinberg.

2. Connecticut Roots

Leah McSweeney fans may know that she was expelled from her high school in New York City, prompting the family to move to Connecticut. While Leah returned to the city as soon as possible, Sarah, who is six years younger, spent most of her childhood in Connecticut.

3. A Self-Proclaimed Private Investigator

Sarah appears to be a Jack of all trades, and according to her Instagram bio, one of those trades is private investigation. Although her bio mentions her private investigator role, her page doesn’t provide further details. Nonetheless, it’s an intriguing career choice.

4. A Water Lover’s Paradise

Nature offers a perfect escape from the stress of daily life, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately for Sarah, she loves spending time outdoors, particularly by the pool or at the beach.

5. Social Media Sensation

Despite not being a reality TV star, Sarah has amassed a substantial social media following. On Instagram, she boasts over 25,000 followers, a number that’s likely to grow as more people discover her RHONY episode.

6. Sisterly Bond

Despite their six-year age difference, Sarah and Leah share a close relationship. When Leah invited Sarah on Ramona’s trip, she believed that Sarah would fit in well with the rest of the girls. Leah said, “I think you would love my sister. She’s super cool. She’s so much like me and you’re going to love her. I promise you that”.

7. Mental Health Advocate

Mental health is a topic that many people shy away from discussing, causing those dealing with mental health issues to suffer in silence. Sarah, however, is unafraid to talk openly about mental health and encourages others to feel comfortable doing the same.

8. A Passion for Cooking

In her now-deleted Twitter account, Sarah referred to herself as a chef. It’s unclear whether this is a professional pursuit or a hobby, but she must genuinely enjoy cooking. Interestingly, her Instagram account doesn’t feature any photos of meals or recipes.

9. Wanderlust Runs Deep

Some people are content staying close to home, while others have an insatiable desire to explore the world. Sarah falls into the latter category. Although she hasn’t embarked on many international trips, she loves traveling throughout the United States, particularly to destinations with stunning mountain views.

10. Embracing Her Birthday Suit

Sarah enjoys wearing clothes from her sister’s clothing line, but she’s also not shy about embracing her birthday suit. She’s unashamed of her body and loves being nude. A quick scroll through her Instagram reveals numerous tasteful nude photos, often set against an outdoor backdrop.

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