Guy Walks Around Japan Like He’s in Grand Theft Auto and Nails It

Guy Walks Around Japan Like He’s in Grand Theft Auto and Nails It

Guy Walks Around Japan Like He’s in Grand Theft Auto and Nails It

If you ever wondered what Grand Theft Auto looks like in real life you might want to give this video a watch since it sums up the idea of it pretty easily as the main actor goes around doing pretty much what he wants while he’s trying to figure out the conundrum that’s driving him. In a sense, this is about as perfect as it gets with the look, the walk, and the actions that are often taken by players that are controlling the main character. Don’t deny that if you’ve ever played that you’ve run the character into the wall a time or two, it happens. Plus, the whole idea of a character being able to hide from another character behind the smallest and most obvious thing within their line of sight is pretty funny since it’s something that a person could only get away with when it comes to a video game. Plus, the moving box idea that can’t be seen by the bad guy is hilarious as well. It does make a person wonder what video game designers are thinking of when they make these games and figuring out the parameters of certain characters and situations. Video games are allowed such foibles though more often than not since getting too technical can throw some people off considering that players want things to be challenging, but not so challenging that they can’t complete a single mission.

There are certain parts of a game that a lot of gamers know to avoid or how to navigate, such as just running up to certain characters. When the mission calls for stealth and the need to follow a character its kind of annoying to be certain, especially if you’re the type that would rather jump into the action and make it happen. Of course at certain points of the story, the character is usually woefully underequipped and not ready to take on other characters and the result is usually that it’s insanely hard to push through the moment, or the character is bound to find out the hard way that they can’t advance until they do the one thing that they either don’t like or aren’t good at. Stealth in a video game is a bit difficult for some folks since slowing things down isn’t the desire of a lot of people as they want to go forward and keep the story rolling, but this is just how some game designers fashion things since discretion is sometimes more than just valorous, it’s a way to keep your character alive. Plus, it’s a good way to advance the game by finding out vital clues that can help along the way. Most games will pick up pretty quickly after a while considering that they’re designed to keep the fans entertained and won’t be dedicated solely to keeping people from getting into the action as games such as Grand Theft Auto demand. Even the title of the game is geared towards action, so one knows that it has to be bound to pick up at some point.

The thing with video games is that there has to be some type of story to keep things moving since otherwise it becomes little more than a free-for-all in which there are no backstories, no real rules, and no point other than to keep getting one over on the other players. Some folks might actually find that entertaining since it is a component in online games considering that there are millions of people playing and it’s best to avoid backstories until there’s a quiet moment to consider them. In a game such as this though it’s wise to at least pay attention to the clues that are being given in an effort to really understand what’s going on and what might be coming next. There are a lot of folks that will do everything they can to skip through the explanation and get right to the action, but there are thankfully plenty of people that will exercise some patience and read the explanations and the clues in an effort to figure out what the next best step will be when it comes to their character.

Whoever came up with this idea was either looking for something to do out of boredom or just thought that it would be a fun idea to share with everyone, which is absolutely right since it put a smile on my face and would likely do the same for a lot of people. From the simple movements to the finding of various objects and of course to the fight system that isn’t perfect but is definitely good enough to keep people playing the game, this was a good representation, and the fact that there’s more to come is interesting enough to keep people watching.

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