Kim Wilde Says UFO Sighting Inspired Her Return to Music

Kim Wilde Says UFO Sighting Inspired Her Return to Music

Kim Wilde Says UFO Sighting Inspired Her Return to Music

Kids in America singer Kim Wilde states that a UFO sighting managed to inspire her to come back to music. Does anyone else need a drink at this point with all the random happenings that are going on? Let’s not rush to doubt Kim just yet since there are a lot of unexplained phenomena out there that have yet to be given a full and detailed list of just why they could not be possible. After all UFO sightings have been happening for a long, long time and there’s a lot of people would agree that thinking we’re the only ones in this universe would be kind of foolish. But there’s a couple of reasons why Kim isn’t really helping herself when it comes to explaining why she’s coming back to music.

The UFO sighting wasn’t seen by more than three people.

If anyone had seen this strange happening within the area there would have been a general uproar about it and we likely would have seen it on the news or been inundated with videos on social media since everyone and their mother has a cell phone these days and is always pointing their camera at what they think is interesting or hard to explain. The fact that Kim and her husband and her friend didn’t do this kind of makes it hard to believe that they saw anything other than something that could be explained if given the chance.

She was drinking.

You notice in the article she she said “a glass of wine”. Not to insult her but ‘a’ glass of wine could mean that it was well past her first, which even if she was on her feet and acting sober could mean that her judgment was impaired. Now if her friend and husband saw the same thing there’s reason to doubt the drinking excuse. Otherwise it seems like maybe the alcohol was playing tricks on her.

She already stated that she was feeling past her prime. 

This is the big kicker, the one that should get red flags a-flying and flapping in the breeze of doubt since Kim had already been feeling down, washed up, or to use a nicer term, passed over by the fans. She’d been looking for something to revive her career for a while and suddenly a bout of inspiration comes along and she just up and decides to go back. It wasn’t determination or anything it seems, but instead was inspired by aliens since those celestial peekaboo artists seem to just get the creative juices flowing at times.

Really there’s nothing in this article trying to slam Kim Wilde for her beliefs or to doubt what she saw. There are a lot of unexplained things in the world that go by without society ever noticing, but when it’s brought to light moments like these are simply too much to take on faith at times considering the situation. A singer that wanted back in the limelight and a UFO sighting that gave her inspiration. That sounds almost like a movie worthy of the Lifetime channel.

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