Why Netflix’s Single’s Inferno is the Next Dating Reality Show to Watch

Why Netflix’s Single’s Inferno is the Next Dating Reality Show to Watch

Why Netflix’s Single’s Inferno is the Next Dating Reality Show to Watch

The sudden influx of reality dating shows has brought the genre to great heights, but has also made the space highly competitive at the same time. It’s not easy to please the fans of these types of shows. They are not easily impressed by just good-looking contestants anymore. Content is given high regards, and they are not settling for anything less than. A massively popular reality dating show that has created a huge amount of buzz is Love Island. The series follows a group of single “Islanders”, who embark on a wild summer adventure with the intention of falling in love with their fellow Islanders. The overall couple who is proclaimed the winner goes home with a new special someone and a hefty cash prize. Fans of the show are in luck, as another reality dating show has arrived Netflix’s shores. Single’s Inferno is a South Korean reality series follows a similar formula wherein contestants are trapped in an island (aka “Inferno”) with the common goal of finding true love and escaping with that special someone to “Paradise”. Here are five reasons why the series is the next dating reality show to watch:

5. The concept of the show is unique and captivating

The show may be more subdued compared to its counterparts, such as Love Island, but is still able to remain charming in many ways. The unique concept of the reality show is made even better by the series’ two locations. Inferno is set in a remote island with the most beautiful sunsets, while Paradise is located in a luxurious hotel with world-class amenities and hotel rooms. The stark contrast of both places adds to the rollercoaster of emotions that the contestants go through. It’s most exhilarating to travel to Paradise with the person you’re attracted to, and mind-boggling to be left in Inferno while the person you like goes to Paradise with another contestant. The dynamics of the show is highly competitive, and will keep you on the edge of your seat at some point in each episode.

4. The contestants consist of a good mix of interesting personalities

We were introduced to a total of twelve contestants who joined the series at different points in time. During their time at Inferno, the contestants were prohibited from discussing their age and profession. They could only ask each other these types of personal questions during their time in Paradise. This rule added a mysterious element to the contestants, and made them want to get to know each other more. It was also most interesting to see twelve strangers form a bond with one another in just a short amount of time. There were tensions and confrontations here and there, but overall, they supported each other through rough times and rooted for the underdogs in the show.

3. The episodes contain a lot of unexpected twists, turns, and cliffhangers

Who knew a dating reality show could evoke such heightened emotions? The scenes where the contestants had to secretly choose who they wanted to go to Paradise were always nerve wracking. As a viewer of the show, it was also heartbreaking to be the first one to find out if the feeling of attraction was not mutual between two contestants. The creators of the series left no downtime as they introduced new segments, games, and activities that added to the twists and turns of the show’s storyline. The episodes also ended with big revelations and heartfelt confessions, which in turn made for great reality television. It was hard not to binge-watch the entire series in just one day.

2. The commentary is hilarious and entertaining

The commentary from a couple of media personalities added a whole lot of humor to the show. It was fascinating to see the commentators come up with their own theories of who the contestants will end up with, while choosing their best bets at the same time. They did not hold back in giving their opinions and were able to come up with a lot of witty comebacks as the episodes progressed. This type of set-up was also seen in the famous Japanese reality show, Terrace House, which also attracted a huge global fanbase. The show just found the right match with an appealing set of cast members and entertaining commentators. The different elements just came together and created a good overall balance and chemistry.

1. There are significant lessons to be learned from the series

Contrary to popular opinion, persistence pays off in the end. We witnessed this through the consistent efforts of the show’s contestants, who personified the never say die philosophy. The series also featured empowered women who were just looking for a man to complement them, and not complete their lives. They were not damsels in distress who were in need of saving. The series also tackled sensitive issues and topics, such as choosing love over friendship and girls making also making a move on the guy she’s attracted to. Viewers can also learn a thing or two from the sleek moves of the contestants on the show, most especially from influencer, Song Ji A, who continues to be controversial even after her stint on the series.Love Island

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