10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hannah Waddingham

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hannah Waddingham

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hannah Waddingham

Hannah Waddingham is the kind of woman you never forget when you have the pleasure of seeing her perform live. The theater actress has taken on many roles that were famous long before she played them, but she did her part to make them even more famous by making them unforgettable in her own way. If you are unfamiliar with the lovely English actress, it’s time to familiarize yourself with her as she is someone worth getting to know.

1. She is from England

When we say English actress, we mean English actress. She’s a born and raised Londoner, and she is proud of her English heritage. She was born and raised in a small town in London. The name of it is Wandsworth, and she lived with her family while she was there.

2. She is in Her 40s

She looks much younger than 47, but that is the birthday she celebrated in 2021. She was born on July 28, 1974, in England. She is very close to her mother, Melodie Kelly, and she takes after her in many ways. In fact, it is her mother from whom she got her talent on stage.

3. Performing Runs in the Family

Her own mother was an opera singer. If you recognized the name when we mentioned it above, this is likely why you recognize her name. She’s famous in her own right, and her own parents are both famous for the same reason. Hannah Waddingham’s grandparents on her mother’s side are both professional opera singers, too.

4. She Is Educated

She did not just happen into her own talent by chance. She did all she could to focus on the best of what she has to offer by undergoing formal training at a lovely institute for higher learning. She attended courses at the Academy of Life and Recorded Arts, and she graduated with more knowledge than she came with.

5. She’s a Television Star, Too

She may have made herself more famous than ever on stage, but she’s also a television actress. She was cast as Septa Unella back when the “Game of Thrones,” was entering into its fifth season, and she made history with the role. She was phenomenal, and her fans loved to see her take on a role like this one that is so different than what she typically does when she’s out working on a new role.

6. She Originated a Classic

When the hit production of “The Wizard of Oz,” made its debut in the West End back in 2011, she was the woman behind the Wicked Witch of the West. She played the role from the start, and she gave everyone after her playing the role some big shoes to fill. She stayed along for the ride for approximately six months before giving up the role and moving on to bigger things.

7. She Gave Birth to Her Child Shortly before GOT

When she took on her iconic role on one of the biggest television shows of the new millennium, she did so just about nine weeks after giving birth to her own daughter. She was a mess in terms of being a new mom with a new mom brain and not knowing her own name or what day of the week it is, but she didn’t forget to be totally and completely in awe of what she was doing.

8. She is Close to Lena Headey

The two very talented actresses because quite close during their filming of GOT after their characters were forced to spend so much time together. Even after all these years, they remain close. Their friendship is adorable, and it’s one where they are both comfortable, they cheer one another on, and they make it a point to support one another every chance they get.

9. She Did Her Own Stunts

She might have been in only eight episodes of GOT, but she and Headey chose to film a specific scene together without any help from anyone else. That scene was the infamous waterboarding – or wine in this case – torture scene. It was difficult for both of them, but they powered through and realized that they are stronger than they both thought.

10. She Values Her Privacy

She is a woman who very much values her own privacy, and she does so every chance she gets. She does not regularly discuss her personal life. She keeps things very close to the vest, and she’s not interested in sharing every single thing she is doing with the entire world. It is a lovely thing.

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