Opera Singer’s Rendition of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” Will Leave you Speechless

America has it’s “America’s Got Talent” on FOX and other countries have their own versions.  Frankly I think all of them came from “Britain’s Got Talent.”  That’s besides the point.  The point is that yesterday on Spain’s version of the show, the audience got to see something they’ve likely never seen and probably will never see again. Let me preface this by saying there have been endless covers of AC?DC songs. And those who try to cover the legendary rock band generally fail. They fail with great effort but they fail nonetheless.

But when Opera singer, yes Opera singer Cristiana Ramos came up to the stage, she decided to not only give AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” her own spin, but that she was going to do it in style and also blow away the audience. Last week on Spain’s Got Talent last week, not only were there blaring guitar solos and Spanish opera, Ramos literally finishes the number by stripping off her dress.

Because that’s how you end a Spain’s Got Talent number, ladies and gentlemen. With a striptease. At some point, the judges press a button that sends her directly to the live show. I’m pretty sure I’d have pressed the button within the first 10 seconds.

Let’s just hope this goes viral here in America. Ramos really deserves to be doing a world tour. Frankly she should be in the lead singer discussion ever since frontman Brian Johnson has been complaining about getting the boot.

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