Five Things You Didn’t Know about Randy Rogers

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Randy Rogers

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Randy Rogers

The one thing that can be said about the music industry is that country music knows its place. While several other musical genres, not to be named here, are currently struggling through an identity crisis, country music is pushing along stronger than ever as some of the older stars are happily passing on the torch to the next generation. One band that is riding the high wave of success right now is the Randy Rogers Band, and a great deal of that success is due to the commitment and talent of its front man who is none other than Randy Rogers. If you are a fan of country music, you have more than likely heard the name, but how much do you really know about this rapidly rising country music star?

Here are five things you didn’t know about Randy Rogers that should get you caught up or at least closer.

1. He is Texan Born and Bred

There is something about growing up in Texas that imprints on your heart and your psyche. There are a lot of beautiful places around the country and the world that people are proud of, being Texas proud is in a league all of its own, and trust me when I say that Randy Rogers is Texas proud. He was born and raised in Cleburne, Texas where he grew up like most other kids in rural towns, with one exception – music was a pervasive part of his life.

2. He Has the Love and Passion of Music Coursing through His Veins

To say that Randy Rogers has a musical background would be a gross understatement and almost an insult. At the age of six, Randy’s grandmother taught him how to play the piano, and his ability to write and read music opened up a door that allowed him to start writing his own songs at age 11. You are starting to get the idea. While some kids learn how to play an instrument, Randy simply used the instrument as means of creating what he really loved – music.

3. He is a Gifted Leader

During his teen years, Rogers would play in some backyard bands, but nothing big happened. It didn’t take long for him to decide that he wanted to be the front man for his own band. He gathered some friends he met at college and before you know it he had formed the Randy Rogers Band. The band would soon release its debut album, Live at Cheatham St. Warehouse, an album that was recorded at a bar in San Marcus, Texas bearing the same name.

4. The Band is Better Live

There are some artists that are great when they are in the studio recording but horrible when it is time to go live, again they remain unnamed here. Then, there are those who are so talented that their live music outshines the studio-perfected music. The Randy Rogers Band is one of those bands, and it evidenced by the fact that they consistently gross in the millions when they go on tour, something they were doing before they were fully developed into the monster that currently exists.

5. Randy Will Like Focus on Solo Project in the Coming Future

In recent years Randy has reconvened the band in order to release another album, which was successful; however, it is likely that the musical master will probably look to tackle unchartered territory. It is not yet certain what route he will take, but his success in country music may open doors for him to test the waters in other genres. There are a few that could really use his help right now. Seriously, Randy Rogers does not have to record one more song and he will still be considered an immense success who has made his presence felt in country music.


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