The Best Uses of MercyMe Songs in TV

The Best Uses of MercyMe Songs in TV

Some folks don’t think much of Christian contemporary music but if you really listen it’s not all that bad. Bands like MercyMe have just as good a sound as any other group and in truth their message is actually very uplifting. Those that have a hangup about anything that identifies as Christian music might be those that gladly stay away from it but then again it’s important to at least listen to a bit of it just to be able to say that you gave it a try. The guys met up and formed the band in 1994 so it’s fair to say that they’ve been doing this for a while and are accomplished enough that they’ve gained a following. Just because a band is labeled as Christian music, contemporary or otherwise, doesn’t mean they’re going to be praising God and extolling virtues with every other word. In fact their sound is actually kind of impressive.

Here are some of their songs as heard in TV.

5. MercyMe – Happy Dance

So yeah, parts of this video are kind of creepy simply because of the way they decided to present it but overall, as with many of their songs, it’s not too bad and does offer some entertainment upon watching the video and getting into the tune. MercyMe seems to have a lot of fun with their act and they tend to get into which makes the whole experience better since it’s hard to really do what you like if it’s seen as a job and nothing else. It’s fair to say that the guys have managed to keep things light and carefree as much as possible throughout their run at this time and that’s possibly what’s made everything worth it.

4. MercyMe – Grace Got You

I’ll admit I couldn’t leave this clip out once I saw it since it was just perfectly edited to fit with the song and there’s enough in it to make a person laugh and just have fun. It’s amazing how many different videos you can find over the internet if you just look and the idea of creating something like this proves that some folks operate on a completely different wavelength than others. If you watch the whole thing through you’ll probably get a few laughs and perhaps even move along with the song since it’s a little bit contagious when you watch this kind of thing online. If not then hopefully you’ll find some amusement at least.

3. The Voice – I Can Only Imagine

In a way it seems unbearably tragic how many people come to audition for shows like this with stars in their eyes and a dream that they’ll be the next big star. A lot of them get turned away after discovering that as good as they think they are they’re just not that great. But those that go on to continue the competition and finally end up on TV are usually those that amaze the crowd and the judges since their voices are something that you can’t believe unless you’re seeing and hearing it live. Why some folks are born with voices that are so wondrous and others aren’t is pretty simple to explain, we all have our purpose in life.

2. MercyMe – Joseph’s Lullaby

So far in their career MercyMe has been a hit with many fans and they’ve gone on to win a number of awards and accolades that have increased their fame. They’ve been one of the best bands on the Christian music circuit and considering that they’re being featured in various lists they’ve managed to impress others that might not be into Christian music as well. Their style and their sound is something that doesn’t fit with everyone’s ideals but at the same time their tenacity and ability on stage to keep the crowd entertained is nothing less than what needs to be done in order to keep their career moving forward.

1. Fox and Friends – Even If

It’s a wonder that more bands don’t go on TV now and again if only to get people to pay attention to them more often. Some might not see it as the appropriate venue for their music since concerts do tend to draw more ticket sales and make the big money. But TV exposure for bands is also something that might be beneficial for any group since it broadcasts them across more than one network and can have a serious effect on viewers worldwide when it comes to record sales. At least that seems like a theory, but I’m no musician or marketing genius. Some bands make it work with TV appearances and others prefer the concert approach. MercyMe has done both obviously like many others.

Christian music isn’t just something you sing from a hymnal in church on Sunday, it’s a very lively and upbeat genre that can move given the right artist.

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