The Best Uses of Cranberries Songs in Movie or TV

It’s not really known if The Cranberries would still be going if not for Dolores O’Riordan’s passing but as of now they’ve made up their minds that their next album will be their last. It would no doubt be difficult to find some as talented as Dolores and replacing her doesn’t seem like it would be right since she was a big part of the band’s success back in the 90s when their fame took off and they were considered to be one of the greatest bands around. As of now they’re considered to still be the kind of band you look to when you want to remember the glory days of the 90s and what it meant to listen to a new style of music. But in this current era, while they’ve still been popular and more than a little successful, it seems as though it’s time to give way to the new bands that have been making their way up and let the legend rest as it may.

Here are a few of their songs as used in TV and movie.

5. Click – Linger

Click can’t exactly be called one of the best movies in the world but when it comes to the soundtrack it did alright. If you don’t know the story it’s pretty simple. Sandler’s character is a guy that’s always working to try and make a better life for his family, but it’s keeping him away from his family at the same time and not allowing him to enjoy what he’s got. When he discovers a remote control that allows him to stop, speed up, and rewind moments from his life he eventually loses control and then realizes it was just a dream, but he learns that the most important part of his life is the part he’s missing.

4. Smallville – Linger

Smallville had its charms at one point since it was a look into Superman’s life before he became the man of steel and was still a young man living out on the farm. Clark was hardly ever the cool guy in school but he could have been anything he wanted. The need to hide who he was from so many people was kind of difficult since the power he wielded was such that he had almost no limits and was bound by nothing except the need to fit in. Who would have ever thought that Superman started out as an awkward, goofy teenager with enough power to level the school if he really wanted? At one point the show had to end, but it was enjoyed while it was around.

3. You’ve Got Mail – Dreams

Kathleen and Joe didn’t seem destined to get along since he belonged to a family that owned a mega chain of bookstores that was slowly but surely putting smaller bookstores out of business. When she finds out who he is after meeting him a second time she has nothing but fire in her voice for him as he in turn fires back with his own insults about her bookstore. Unfortunately for Kathleen her bookstore does go out of business and she’s forced to move on. But through some twist of fate they’ve been emailing each other back and forth and by the time the movie ends they find out that they’ve been speaking to one another all along.

2. Copper – God Be With You Ireland

The show centers around the Five Points area of New York back in the Civil War era and follows a man that is looking for his wife and child that he left behind when going to fight in the war. There’s a great deal of history to be found in such shows but there’s also the realization that any and all projects that take on this time period as their setting tend to glamorize things now and again and don’t always stick to historical fact. That being said the show does a fairly good job of showing the plight of the Irish and many others in the Five Points during this period as it was a time of hardship more often than not.

1. The Cranberries – Zombie

This just couldn’t be left off since it was one of their best and most well-respected songs that allowed them to become such a big hit. The song itself is something else since it’s quite powerful in its delivery and more than a little demonstrative. It was in fact a protest song concerning the 1993 IRA bombing in Warrington. The track was used to commemorate two young men that lost their lives in this incident and actually hit number 1 in several countries. It received mixed reviews since some thought that it was fitting while others thought that it trivialized the bombing. In any case, it was a favorite song of many when it came out and still is.

In your head, in your head, they are fighting.

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