The Top Uses of Wiz Khalifa Songs in Movies or TV

Wiz Khalifa was an Army brat as the term goes, moving everywhere thanks to his family, until he finally settled down in Pittsburgh where he would eventually start up his music career. It took him a while to really get into it but the raw talent that he had just needed to be refined and honed into something that people would respond to and after that it was a quick ascent to fame for Wiz since he represented the upcoming generation that people wanted to listen to. Since then he’s been an absolute hit with a lot of different crowds and his notoriety has been going off the hook as he’s become known as one of the most talented rappers of his generation and any other. Some might call him overrated but upon listening to him most should be able to agree that such a claim is kind of erroneous.

Just listen to the tracks below and try saying that he’s overrated. His music has the ability to beef up anything it’s used with.

5. Project X – When I’m Gone

Project X almost sounds like it would be a science fiction movie but in truth it’s a sort of coming of age film in which a group of friends stages one of the biggest, craziest, most whacked-out parties their block has ever seen and might ever see again. You know when the cops get called on your party and there’s a drug dealer wielding a flamethrower that things have gotten out of hand, and that’s when things are just getting interesting. The whole film is about this party and what it means to the friends as a way of living their high school years to the fullest and of course to the craziest.

4. The Man with the Iron Fists – I Go Hard

Quentin Tarantino certainly knows how to add the right elements to make a movie seem somehow intellectual and at the same a slash and hack story that uses drums of fake blood to make its point. The man that inherits the iron fists doesn’t get his titular limbs until near the end of the movie, but that’s quite alright since there’s plenty to watch up until then as the Lion clan imposes its will upon all those around them and the action is nonstop. Tarantino packs this film with enough action and enough story that you might have to watch it twice just to make sure that you caught everything.

3. Fast & Furious 6 – We Own It

The Fast & Furious franchise is known for picking up sick beats and putting enough action into the films to make them worth watching, and thankfully they didn’t disappoint in this one. While songs like this usually don’t run during the action sequences it makes a nice effect in this case since the beats and the tempo are perfect for the fight scenes and the more tense moments of the film. Usually such songs are reserved for those moments in the film when there’s no dialogue, or when the credits are rolling to keep the audience pumped that much longer as they walk out of the theater.

2. Suicide Squad (w/Imagine Dragons & Lil Wayne) – Sucker for Pain

This song really went with the movie despite the fact that the movie, as successful as it was, almost got torn apart on the basis that it didn’t follow the source material. You kind of get the feeling the DC is just actively shooting themselves in the collective foot with their movies when they keep going dark and don’t follow everything down to the letter. You could say the same about the MCU but at the same time the MCU seems to be doing something right since they’re staying ahead of DC. It’s certainly not the music videos since the DC universe has benefited from the inclusion of a few famous groups and artists.

1. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – Hopeless Romantic

He’s been on a couple of talk shows and his music has been used for a few TV shows but it goes to show that Khalifa has managed to reach a peak in his career where everyone wants him and are willing to book him in order to benefit from his presence on their show. He definitely knows how to work up a crowd and to deliver his songs in a way that people respond to since no matter where you go it’s possible to speak his name and people are likely going to know who you’re talking about. While talk shows are about the least of his appearances you can still bet that the exposure he gets by playing in such venues is still enough to keep in mind.

So after watching those clips you should be able to at least admit that he’s not as overrated as some have said that he is. Wiz Khalifa is a very talented rapper.

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