The Top Uses of Surfaris’ “Wipe Out” In Movies

The Top Uses of Surfaris’ “Wipe Out” In Movies

Wipe out by the Surfaris is such a well known song that once it hits people either start grooving or switch the station. More often than not people will play it when they want to have a good time and just need a good, grooving song to dance to or to use as a background to a party. It might be an old song but it’s something that people can get behind and admit is a good song. It doesn’t have too many lyrics and it’s not the most popular song among younger crowds but for those of us that can remember this was and has been one of the more iconic tunes throughout the years.

It’s just fun to listen to from time to time.

5. Meet The Parents

It’s just a game Focker! Poor Greg, he never had a chance when it came to impressing Jack, especially since Jack is so stodgy and set in his ways that pretty much no one has a chance with his daughters unless he says so. Thankfully by the end of the movie he loosens up a bit, but then of course with the next two movies he ups the ante and continues to hound Greg until at last Greg takes a stand for himself.

4. Toy Story 2

You would think Andy would keep better track of his toys, especially Woody and Buzz since they happen to be his favorites. But when Woody is taken by Big Al to be restored and added to his collection that is later to be sold for a huge profit the others stage a rescue mission to Big Al’s Toy Store, where of course they’re going to interact with other toys in a few very exciting ways.

3. The Sandlot

It’s funny how the imagination and reality collide to create something entirely different isn’t it? The Beast that the guys were so worried about turned out to be a dog the size of a small horse that just wanted to play. So of course when Benny goes running off with his ball the dog, his name was Hercules, goes chasing after him as though it’s all in good sport. Of course after getting a fence dropped on him and then hauled off of him Hercules turns out to be a big softy.

2. Dirty Dancing

It’s amazing how much a person’s ideals can change in one summer. Baby came into the movie believing that the world made sense on a fundamental level until she met Johnny, and then everything got turned upside down in a big hurry. Once she realized that life wasn’t the ordered and structured thing she thought it to be she started to understand her place in it, and fortunately that place was far, far away from where her comfort zone resided.

1. The Surfaris

This was THE song to play at one point when you were at the beach since it was just fun, loose, and easy to groove to. This was used for a good many beach-inspired shows and movies back in the day and still is now and again.

Groovy man, just groovy.

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