The Top Uses of R.E.M’s “Everybody Hurts” in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of R.E.M’s “Everybody Hurts” in Movies or TV

The funny thing about R.E.M.’s song Everybody Hurts is that during the making of the song the band was kind of thinking along the lines of making this for teenagers. They reasoned that going into high school was like entering a portal to hell, which is how some people might view it I suppose. But the song was meant for people of all ages, though there were only two band members that really created the track while all of them were in on the writing of the song, as they always were. The drums were synthesized and the entire song was autodubbed after the initial process of it was over and done with. In short, this song wasn’t one of their most in-depth pieces but it was at least given some interesting thought before being released.

Personally I thought high school was more of a gateway that you got to escape through after four years.

5. Family Guy

The writers of Family Guy love to segue into different clips that have nothing to do with the main story other than to serve as a reference to whatever is being said at that time. I wonder how much time is really taken up when making these side animations, and how long the show would be if they were taken out. Something tells me that the episodes would be a lot shorter.

4. The Simpsons

If there’s one person that doesn’t deserve to feel sad or hurt it’s Marge. The woman does so much for everyone, her family especially, that she really needs to be looked after and treated like a queen in her own home. But somehow things don’t always turn out that way because her kid are, well, kids, and Homer is just another giant kid that has to be prodded or guilt-tripped into taking care of his wife.

3. Zootopia

Ever have one of those days where you would just swear that everything, everyone, and the whole world is against you? Those days when you hit the button on the radio to change the station and every song that pops up just makes you feel worse since it describes your feeling to a tee? At least Judy Hops is the kind of person that bounces back from such adversity. Yes, that pun was totally intended.

2. A Night At the Roxbury

I can’t and won’t fault people for liking Will Ferrell because with someone at his side to provide a backup or a lead that he can backup he’s great. But on his own Ferrell is kind of a mess most times since his act usually gets too loud and too obnoxious quick, fast, and in a major hurry. Enough people seem to like this however since he’s been a major star for a while.


The NCIS crew have been through a lot together since their pilot episode and the loss of several of their friends and companions hasn’t done them any favors. By losing Zeeva and then Tony though, one character died and the other resigned, I still wonder how long the show is destined to last.

Everybody hurts…sometimes.

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