Dave Matthews Band to Play Night Before Super Bowl

Recently, it was announced that the Dave Matthews Band will be playing what has been called “The Night Before” concert in St. Paul, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like in the sense that it is happening on the night before Super Bowl LI. As a result, football fans who are interested in their particular kind of rock music might want to check them out, particularly since the last time that they played in St. Paul was at the Xcel Energy Center in 2015.

Who are the Dave Matthews Band?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Dave Matthews Band is centered around Dave Matthews. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Dave Matthews is a singer, a songwriter, and a guitarist in current times but was still a bartender at a bar in Charlottesville back in 1990. In time, he was convinced by one of his friends to record a demo of some of the songs that he had written. Later, that same friend convinced Matthews to approach some of the local musicians in preparation for forming a band, thus leading to a team-up between Matthews as well as a drummer named Carter Beauford and a saxophonist named LeRoi Moore when the latter two decided to give Matthews a chance.

Unfortunately for the trio, their initial efforts were not exactly encouraging. In fact, one of them has actually described their first rehearsals as being so bad that he is still surprised that they ever managed to hold a second one. With time, the trio realized that they didn’t have the instruments that they needed to produce the sound that they wanted, which is why they decided to go recruiting. As a result, they added a bassist named Stefan Lessard, a keyboardist named Peter Griesar, and a violinist named Boyd Tinsley who wouldn’t make a full commitment until a little while after the others. Regardless, that was the first line-up of the Dave Matthews Band and while the band has seen some changes since that time, its current line-up is much the same.

Over time, the Dave Matthews Band has gone on to release a total of nine studio albums. Combined with the fact that it celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016, it is no exaggeration to say that it has built up a significant fandom, which is further supported by the fact that 2017 was the first time that the band had not gone on tour. As a result, the Dave Matthews Band’s appearance at “The Night Before” promises to be something of a treat.

What Can People Expect from the Dave Matthews Band?

For what it is worth, it is interesting to note that the Dave Matthews Band loves to play music in an improvisational manner, so much so that it likes to play its songs in a different manner on each separate occasion. Furthermore, the band has also gained a reputation for its video and lighting shows, which are the results of their long-time collaboration with their road manager Fenton Williams, who started working with them in 1991.

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